Chatting with Jozi’s Hozag 13

Talking with Hozag 13

I go by HOZAG13 ,

I’m an artist from Jozi, born and bred. I work in charcoal and oil paints mostly but experiment with other mediums ,such a digital, spray paint ,stencils etc.

I’m a qualified hairstylist/barber ,husband and dad to my 10 year old mini me!

The Jhb art scene is amazing! so many different avenues and it has always had its own unique explosive flavor!

There are so many amazing art forms that are exploding! Dj’ing, sculpture ,graffiti ,fashion, tattoos, hair and traditional forms of art!

Q) How would you describe your artistic style?

My style is a mash up realism and expressionism with a slight hint of graffiti influence.

Q)Some of your top creatives in the industry that you’ve worked with or admire?

I’ve always admired the Jhb Graff scene, and have huge respect for the local legends uncle TAPZ being one of them as well as “benjaycrossman” who is a graffiti /mixed media artist living abroad,originally from south Aftica

But back to more traditional art I really enjoy seeing Shaun Othen’s work in the Uk aswel as Robert Kelley

Q)Where di your appreciation and craft for the arts begin?

My love for art started in school when I discovered graffiti.

I started off with tags and Wild style lettering kinda stuff but then I found an interest in realism. As time went on I found I needed something more “portable “ and taught myself to paint in oils aswel as working in charcoal .

Q)Could you briefly describe your process before beginning a project?

I enjoy working in monochrome and I’m constantly looking for inspiration in everyday objects and photography .

I’m constantly looking at objects and photos ,looking for that special something and imagining how they would translate into black and white

I eventually end up with many ideas and then one of them magically gives me the go ahead !

I’ve been creating more art nude kinda stuff lately ,which is quite a tricky theme ,as I think there is a super fine line between art nude and porn.

It’s a tough crowd working in art nude but I try to show off the beauty ,creativity and shape of  the human form without  ever crossing over in “the dark side”

Q)Anything we should keep an eye out for in the future ?

Once the dust settles on our crazy new world , I’d love to get some exhibitions rolling  as well as carrying on with my usual crazy creations .


Gary (@hozag13) • Instagram photos and videos

Charcoal and white pastel on a4.

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