The purity of Music

21559027_1341678339287991_753375685737735557_nThe purity of music as an art form.

Music in its truest form is made from the combination of passion with in creation and expression of self where as when preformed or heard that passion transcends to the listener/audience who is then able to show passion from within expression and appreciation in the release of emotions otherwise bottled and repressed. The second factor being the harmony and synchronization of instrumental beats and sounds in accordance with the lyrical symphony which in turn is what allows the listener to reach a sense of euphoria creating an escape from everyday life. The third most important factor being the ability to take your audience on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and inner peace. Music is one of the only art forms that allow both the creator and the appreciator to relate on one of the most intimate levels.

As said by the man himself Bob Marley “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” This quote is specifically powerful to me as it’s the best way to describe how powerful music really is and within the same line how gentle and soothing it can be. We all have that feeling inside when listening to a certain song or artist that feeling of complete understanding, acceptance and serenity. We listen knowing that there’s no judgment or ridicule we listen knowing nothing can touch us in this moment and if only for this moment we are at one with ourselves.

Other intriguing quotes “where word fail, Music speaks.”  By Hans Christian Anderson. Reminds me of the famous saying “a picture Says a million word.” Well in truth music transcends word, images and sounds into a collaboration without limits or boundaries. A musician has true artistic license with in his creation/expression. As long as the artist puts his art in line with himself and is able to express truthfully their story, there will always be a demographic market for true art and true expression.

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