Graffiti and its importance as an art form

Visual art as a whole plays a vital role in the interpretation of artistic expression. People can relate, interpret difference of perspective from the same illustration, its sparks conversation and allows intrigued debates to flow.

However a graffiti artist has the pleasure of freedom threw expression allowing their work to be mysteries until you see it plain as day. Jozi is rich in talented graffiti artist with local born artist going as far as New York to do murals as well as our local art being showcased here at home, id recommend to any visitor and art appreciator to take a journey with in Jozi’s streets to see some of the most memorizing art pieces.

One local team of artist doing what they love most “the most hated crew” have been doing big things all over Jozi streets and beyond for many years now. One of their most recent pieces was a mural they did themed after water world. Drake, Riot and Beva are three of the artist’s doing some incredible work within the “MHC”.

Local talent like these three and the rest of their crew is vital for up ‘n coming artist to find inspiration as well as the motivation to keep the level of dedication and perseverance that’s needed to be successful in an art form like Graffiti.Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

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