Analo-G by Stuart DC


I’m just tryna be rich, I’m talking rick like Porter, I’m talking rich like Meech.                       I want a brand new Bentley;                                                                                                            I’m talking a Bentley andMercedes.                                                                                                  I’m talking a whole lot of labels, I talk Dior and Givenchy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I’ll take your kidney for my money, I’m talking kidney like explicit. I talk confusion like who did it; I leave no witness in the building. I kill a witness like I’m OJ, I’m talking Oj cause we ball but I don’t play,                                                                                                             I’m a menace I’m talking menace like Dennis I’m talking Dennis like Rodman,                                                             I don’t play I’m no clown I’m talking clown like some kids I’m talking kids like welfare, I’m talking welfare like state I’m talking state like money I’m talking money like banks I’m talking banks like Tyra I’m talking Tyra like my ex I’m talking but I just wanna know what’s next, I keep a vest on the set incase these niggas stab in me in the back in case they can’t handle facts and wanna blast at a kid.                                                                                                                                                                          I run this with my feet I’m talking city like Jozi I’m talking Jozi like its deep, I’m talking Jozi Deep, Jozi cover story I’m talking I make a million in these streets

I rap to sadistic I’m the truest

The king

Leave you??? Twisted king

Better recognize when I’m the illest to touch the booth

I don’t care who came before, who made mills before

I’m gonna still come do my thing

Aint nobody able to do what I do

Chick I’m too quick and I’m too slick

Shit and you thought I was a son of a bitch


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