Joey Badass live at Oppi koppi

Joey Badass

The Jozi-Deep team travelled to Limpopo this weekend to attend Oppi koppi for one reason and one reason only to watch and share the motherfucking legend that is Joey Badass. In case you didn’t know Joey badass is Rapper,actor and producer from Brooklyn New York. He founded and lead the hip-hop collective named Pro Era. His debut studio album, B4.DA.$$, was released January 20, 2015. In July 2016, he made his television debut on the USA Network series Mr. Robot.

We have been anticipating the event for a few months and we able to attend and cover the event for Joey badass and were blown away from start to finish. Truly one of the most crowd thrilling performances we’ve been lucky enough to see.

He came out on to the stage like a bomb exploding on impact, his performance was phenomenal on all levels and was most definitely above and beyond all expectations. He controlled and involved the crowd constantly making everyone feel a part of his performance. He blessed the crowd with a brand new never heard before song that blew everyone in the crowds’ mind into a thousand pieces.

A big shout to the Oppi Koppi team for bringing Joey Badass to South Africa us and everyone there will always be grateful. Another shout out to Joey Badass himself for a truly fucking incredible experience we’ll never forget.1024px-Joey_Badass,_New_York's_SOB's,_June_2012

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