“Creative Freedom”

Artists in the world are commended and praised when they make it in there professional careers and with in very form of art, the artist is seen as being advanced and unique with in creative perspectives beyond that of the normal logic driven brain. At the top of every artist’s journey being given creative control on projects with in every creative industry and professional artist I’ve spoken to. All agree on that same point having the faith and belief from the client to create their vision from a creative perspective and being praised for the effort and energy they put into every project with every client is the cherry on the cake.

But speak to any artist about their path to reaching the top of their fields and being blessed with ability to have creative control was never in any field or industry an easy accomplishment. You will always meet clients and critics who can’t begin to understand your mindset and perspective, People with one idea in their head that they know is to shitty to market themselves and all they want is for you to take their shitty idea and make it as cool as they believe it to be and no matter how hard you work on creating an actual relatable piece of art that’s marketable and creatively unique. There never satisfied and then from what I’ve gathered speaking with professional creative’s, The blame often falls on them until they finally create the soulless piece of crap low budget passionless piece of shit corporate “art”

I’d like to remind the world out there, that when you seek creative advice on improving an idea you know can truly be something, don’t feel attacked or worried you don’t have control over the direction of your idea. No instead be open to discussion, don’t be narrow minded. Creative people love brain storming and adapting ideas, so stay focused on the creation of your idea. If idea is like a child? Then like the famous old saying goes” it takes a tribe to raise a child.” So when creating your dream take as much advice and motivation as you can in every way that you can and when you collaborate allow them to fill the outlines of your vision with the creativity you brought them on for.dc131576-3f4b-4f76-952b-2f5b6bcd673f-1

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