Mars Graffiti


A graffiti artist from born and raised in South Africa whose not only blessed the streets of Jozi with his incredible work but most of SA is lucky enough to see some true works of art along our city streets. He started his craft in high school as a hobby and 13 years latter he’s become without a doubt one of our countries greatest graffiti artists to date.

When asked in an interview with a reporter what is your inspiration? He answered.

“I draw inspiration from a lot of different things, basically anything and everything. From other graffiti artists and the boundaries they are pushing, both in their lives and their art, to my environment. Some of my inspiration is rooted in the city of Johannesburg, which subconsciously creeps its way into my artworks. I’m a product of my environment I guess.”

Mars definitely has the skill to go across demographics with his ability to have a unique style across all his work, always adapting and trying new techniques.  He takes his art beyond the streets putting his work in an open gallery show every two years but is keen to showcase his gallery more often as he says it allows him to communicate better with his audience.

If I had to add my cents to the living legend that is Mars I would only have to praise his journey and his path that’s taken him to going above and beyond not only our expectations but I’m sure he’ll surprise himself, after speaking to a few local up ‘n coming graffiti artists from our golden city Jozi mars has been the leading inspiration that you don’t need to live the stereo typical street artist lifestyle, he’s shown that the more you grow personally and become able to stand up and be counted for the person you truly are that then the limitations in any field or industry are none existent. Beyond the stars and the sky you can fly beyond and shock every doubter out there that you’re proud to be doing what you love and you’re proud of every decision you make no matter the outcome. Mars is a shining light in our sometimes in the dark city streets of Jozi! So when ever feel lost look to role models like mars and don’t your doubt yourself or put yourself into conformity of any kind break away from the stereo type and create and recreate your own style, like Mars always adapt and try new styles with confidence of a person whose done a hundred times because belief, a little bit of skill and the passion to go throw the fire is the reason you’ll walk away unburned.

Mars is blessing to not only Jozi but South Africa as a whole inspiring and being a positive role model for kids growing up in our city giving them a reason to stand out and express themselves.

A huge shout out from the city of Jozi to Mars and everyone out there pursuing your dreams!!mars 7

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