The power of Appreciation!

Fans and appreciators are motivation for every artist weather a positive or negative response is still the reason most artists after speaking with them have said it’s what keeps them out of their comfort zone out of the challenge of falling into a stereotype and playing standard self generic none expressive soulless art work. There words not mine. Maybe a little paraphrasing but fuck never doubt how being able to vicariously releasing emotion and repression through the honest pure expression of whatever artist with in whatever industry takes the experience beyond being simply relatable to a moment in our lives but truly transcends, creates pure positive euphoria opening an escape for us to leave all our worldly problems behind and allow us even if just for a moment to be true to our inner selves breaking free from the chains of conformity and accepted behavior.

Now any true who understands his role in peoples threw truthfully expressing in there form emotion and deep reflection allowing the audience to go on such a journey puts a sense of real responsibility on the every artist as they last true industry where every demographic every stereotype is broken and in appreciation of that responsibility we all need to be true in ability to accept and value such rarity and freedom even though it might be just momentary that simple few minutes hours or even split seconds indulging in artistic expression allows crowds of people all connecting with same piece of expression being healed in a hundred different ways is the reason no piece of pure art should never face criticism or judgment, No purity in every form weather you as an individual don’t feel the connection doesn’t give us the right to ruin the single moment someone else  is able to escape the harshness of their world and  that person might not have the ability to express themselves artistically  and found serenity in that piece of visual art that explains everything or that subtle sound taking away all the pain all the hardship creating only euphoric thoughts of hope and faith that were never alone and someone out there understands All we truly share as one earth is the artistic ability with in expression of thought and emotion so let’s unite and protect our solitude in world in need of as much pure honest love and faith as it can get.img_8019

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