This past week we had the pleasure of interviewing an abstract artists from our beautiful city of Jozi, Carla V. She has a sense of peace and serenity with in her pieces from my perspective but the amazing thing about her work is that it has unique connotations to every different person’s perspective. She allowed us to go a little deeper and ask a few questions about her artistic journey.

We asked where she first realized she had a passion for abstract art. She replied “I took art in high school, but never got to produce any abstract stuff. I just started experimenting with abstract concepts and mixed mediums during my spare time during high school and then that’s what my style ended up growing into. I didn’t end up studying fine-art, I went the marketing route, but continue to paint every day. “

When we dug a little deeper asking her to describe her artistic style? She told us “I would say my style is Mixed Medium Contemporary art.

My process normally starts with me coming up with a color palate, then choosing my canvas, then I will prep my canvas with any modeling clay or sand textures which takes up to 48 hours to dry, then it takes about a day for me just to mix and prep my paint, after that I’ll start painting.

Often once you start painting the original ideas you had in your head starts changing and the canvas starts becoming what it wants to become – so often I’ll end up with something totally different to my original concept.

She spoke to us about her inspiration and motivation threw her journey…” My inspiration mostly comes from the sky and sun sets – it just produces so many different colours and shapes

My motivation comes from just wanting to complete the piece and have it make people feel an emotion, I guess. Painting is also a freedom of expression (obviously) and I need to express what I see and feel on the inside and if I don’t let it come out then I become irritated or moody

Advice for up n’ coming artists “Advice – don’t listen to your high school art teacher (she hates her job) – Just do whatever you feel inside. Your weird crazy experiments are what will help you find your style. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there, I promise you there are people on earth who will love what you produce (there really is something out there for everyone). Start small, sell to your friends and family, contact galleries (they will probably ignore you) do it any way until one of them gives you a chance. Chat to other artists, always be open to colabs and learning from other people in the industry.”

Towards the end of our time we asked her about her goals or aspirations for the future? She told us she would love to be represented internationally. And also to just to keep on painting and having my style evolve. Carla is truly an incredible artist who has the world at her feet, we here at Jozi-Deep are looking forward to seeing what’s next for her!

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