By definition, Fever Productions is an innovative marketing agency who handles a company’s brand awareness, customer engagement and growth through their Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing and more – ranging from artistically crafted ad campaigns and creative content that represents your brand to Social Media Strategies moulding the Social space and Digital Agency landscape. With a specialty in connecting brands with consumers in a wholistic and timeless approach, in a way that creates intrigue and excitement threw unique works of art that capture the attention and imagination of the beholder(consumer).

Run by power couple Tyler and Niky who insist on using first names as they say there is never any danger from a stranger only an opportunity to fulfil their goals, create a legacy and achieve the praise and acknowledgement their hard work and self-expression deserves. Again, by definition, they are a marketing agency but in all honesty, they go above and beyond such labels. Aspiring as a company to look further then monetary profit and as Niky says so poetically in their interview “we just want to help you, help yourselves.”

Their vision as an organization is to assist in creating successful and fruitful businesses, that are sustainable and stimulate the economy positively, before they send out marketing bills that cost an arm and a leg without a company seeing a difference in their business and knowing what’s being done by their team. Fever productions offers community outreach programs lending their skills to local up n’ comers and young entrepreneurs in the aim of helping their fellow human go above and beyond expectations and set standards of quality. They have a vision for this country that many seem to lack, a hunger for progress and a love for the city that many seem to have lost.

The agency highly promotes individuality and give their creative team full license to create and inspire beginners, professionals and your everyday Bob on the street. They aspire to reach every goal they set with a scheduled time table and planned out journey to succeeding, no matter how difficult the challenge or how hard the trials and tribulations ahead may be.

The Fever Productions team have you covered every step of the way!!17425986_1567692759932128_6537083625429650906_n

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