The time has arrived and the most anticipated festival South Africa has to offer Smoking Dragon is here!! People have been arriving from early Thursday morning, tents have been set up, and stages are ready, bags packed and performances scheduled. We will be expecting to see all of our Jozi-Deep people in attendance as this shall definitely be the best place to go into the New Year with the most mesmerizing performers and artists representing every corner and province from our diversely talented country. Every step has been taken from the Smoking Dragon festivals team to ensure nothing but the best from the mind blowing scenery, viewpoints, rivers, lodging, catering and carefully planned stages with crews building and creating every aspect of the festival, from aesthetic art pieces and chill zones placed around the god given ground all us festival goers have been blessed to experience and indulge in a an abundance of natural beauty mixed with only the best in musical pleasures taken care of by the very best sound engineers working around the clock to perfect and guarantee every performance is transcended to the crowd as each artist has envisioned and expressed their sound to be heard, so sleep soundly knowing you’ve got one of the hottest musical festival tickets on the market. The times and dates of each performance has been confirmed and you’ll be able to plan every step of your dragon journey. The Jozi-Deep team is honored and sincerely grateful to be bringing everyone who won’t be making it full coverage and insights threw out the festival on all our social media platforms, so be sure to stay tuned in. A huge thank you to the entire Smoking dragon team for not only inviting us to be a part of everything but most importantly a thank you for putting an event as unique, diverse and full of quality as Smoking Dragon has been known to deliver!!

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