This past week Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know an incredible photographer with a true vision for capturing the beauty in a moment Tyler Meyer. She told a bit about herself and allowed us to ask a few questions.

A little about me, I’m an aspiring creative from Johannesburg currently capturing the world as it unfolds before us. In high school I had a passion for art which sparked my creativity and lead me to discover my passion for the arts. I studied Animation and Screen Writing at AFDA which taught me how to express my creativity. I’m passionate about developing a voice for South African’s and I strive to get more people involved in the up and coming South Africa.

When do you realize you had a passion for photography?

 I’ve always had a passion for capturing something in the ways I see it. About 3-4 years ago I got handed a camera and I realized that this is what will allow me to show others how I see the world. 

What about Jozi motivates your creativity?

The thing about Jozi is that it’s a hidden gem. Under all the negativity such as crime and poverty, there lies something so deep and so true that people around the world oversee. Jozi is The City of Gold and to find the gold you have to dig. Once you find it, you’ll never let go.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style is very straight forward; I capture things for what it is. Nothing to hide but only to find the truth. I love colors and contrast through the variations of photographs. I like to capture things that are easily missed, things that people don’t stop to appreciate. 

Who or where do you find inspiration from?

         I find inspiration from within. I’ve never been one to follow the rules or do what others do and therefore that drives me to be different and find what makes something different.

What’s the hardest part of being a photographer?

I’d say the hardest part is finding just the right photograph to post. There’s so many photographs that I’ve taken that tell something a little different from the next. The hard part is deciding what I want to say through the photograph. 

What advice do you have for up’n coming artists’ in Jozi?

My advice is to just do whatever you want to do. Don’t worry about what others think or say because that will only hold you back. Go forward, there’s nothing stopping you from being you. 

We sincerely thank Tyler for allowing us to interview her and big thank you for sharing some of her work with us. You can find links to her pages and contact info below:


Tyler Meyer Photography Facebook

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