Aaron Nel Musician

We here at Jozi-Deep had the true privilege of interviewing and getting to know one of South Africa’s finest local musicians whose career in the industry has spanned over 15 professional years. Skilled in a few genres mainly Jazz, Folk, Pop and Rock. He has been on multiple top 20 charts across various radio stations. He was born a farmer but has music flowing threw his blood and we’re thankful he’s given us the opportunity to get to know him a little better before his performance at the Joint


  1.  Where did your love for art come from?

I was one of 4 kids, and our parents made us all go for Piano lessons when we reached around the ages of 5 – 7. As it turned out, everyone was quite good at it. So when came around to my turn to step up, realizing that it came very naturally and I actually enjoyed it, it also gave me a deep knowing that I can do this and keep up with the best.


  1. .What is some of the most memorable pieces you’ve done?

As far as speaking pragmatically regarding the music itself, I’ll have to say that some of my original pieces – which are less known – are some of the most challenging and requires almost constant rehearsal… As far sentiment and all that, it becomes more about the context, for example: who you were with, where you were, how good the sound is on stage etc. However, my most memorable pieces are songs sung on a beach around a fading bonfire, when you can almost swear the flames are dancing to your version of “Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin…


  1. .What would you say your favorite thing about the South African Art scene is?

I think right now there’s a real buzz with the amount of possibilities available to artists. With most radio stations now having to meet quotas on the amount of local content being aired, producers, musicians and dj have had to step up and deliver. This has meant that knowledge is shared; skills increase and ultimately mean the end product is going to be good. So there is this common creative effort to come up with new sounds and ways to move people through… It’s cool.


  1. If you weren’t an Artist what else would you be?

From the first time I could remember considering a career, it was to be a farmer; like my father. Then it shifted to a LLB Law degree. In the end I got to study music; that’s ALL I wanted to do and I wanted to be GOOD ;-). FARMER!!! That’s my answer 🙂


  1. .How did you find the journey of becoming a professional artist?

Well, the industry is like any other; full of people who don’t pay and those who may find fault in whatever you do. Eventually you have to keep innovating and evolving, creating various markets related products, like the theatrical possibilities etc. Mostly I’ve stuck to the travel light concept of “Have guitar, will travel”


  1. .What would you say your favorite thing about Johannesburg is?

From the first time I started working in Joburg, the openness of the people really impressed me. Everyone you encounter seems at least interested, and this is mostly across cultures. The people, definitely the people.

We’d like to thank aaron for taking the time to sit with us and go threw all our questions! If you would like to get in contact with Aaron you can visit his website Aaron online or better yet you can see him preforming live here in Jozi tomorrow at The Joint, Aaron live at The Joint28337294_911323902375237_978244599244017465_o

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