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Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of getting to know and sharing unique taste experience that is Woodstock Waffles.  Founders, Best friends and business partners Camilo Ramada & David Sheilds are responsible for these taste explosions! They agreed to answer a few questions for us.

  1. Where did the idea for woodstock Waffles come from?

A backpacking trip to South America (in particular, Santiago, Chile) with 1 x best friend and 0 x cash in our pockets. Street food was forever the order of the day (and oh what wondrous street food it was). One day we came across a hole-in-the-wall aptly named, “Buffalo Waffles” after the untold source of inspiration himself, Mr. Bob Marley.

Without fail, this place had a line of 15 people running through its doors and having tasted the product we could easily see why. The game was on. We needed to bring these waffles home – for the good of the people!

Five months on, with a terrific business partner and many, messy batter bowls later, we had created a uniquely South African waffle recipe with a twist (or as we like to call them: warm & crispy, homemade waffle sandwich wraps). We filled em’ with fresh & tasty gourmet ingredients and voila, Woodstock Waffles was born.

Click the Youtube link to see our source of inspiration:Youtube 


  1. What would you say your favorite location, market or festival that Woodstock waffles has been apart of?


We feel honoured to be a part of any and every event we cater for. When promoters gives us a call, Its like, “Hey guys, we choose YOU to bring the vibe and to create “happy tummy” experiences for our audience members!” That’s a huge responsibility and by no means do we take it for granted! We’re super appreciative to be asked to cater for events but if we HAD to choose, we’d send a massive shout out to It’s Personal in Jozi & Eden Experience in CT. Those are the two events that gave us our first big break (in each city) and we’ve been rocking and rolling ever since!


  1. What would you say the house speciality is at Woodstock Waffles?


Wow, great question! So at first our chart-topper was The Winehouse (Creamy Garlic Mayo, Fresh Rocket, Sundried Tomato and Peppadew Mix, Papas al Hilo, Double Cheddar and Streaky Bacon). People used to come from far and wide to see this beauty beholden and to enjoy its warm & crispy delight. However, since the introduction of The Hendrix, we’ve seen non-stop sales pouring in for the latter. With a fresh fillet of cheeky chicken prego and mom’s famous prego sauce, could you blame fans for not taking the plunge? We think not.


  1. Who comes up with all the different creations?


As a small business in the speciality food sector, you have to consistently be reinventing your offering. You need to keep things exciting, leaving customers wanting for more. Our menu items are one part creative and spontaneous food explosion, one part international trends and analysis and one part homey Saffa staples. Myself and business partner / best buddy, Camilo Ramada are the ones responsible for continuously re-inventing the waffle wheel! p.s. If you haven’t already tried it, our new creation, The Jagger, is out of this world! Think buttermilk fried chicken in a warm and toasty waffle, wrapped up in all the gourmet ingredients mentioned above! Yup, it’s happening.


  1. Whats coming up next for Woodstock Waffles?


We recently added a new member to the Woodstock fam.  A food truck by the name, Delilah and boy is she groovy!

She serves warm waffles, juicy beats and a whole lotta’ fun-loving spirit! So markets, events, corporates and birthdays are all a GO. We also do pop-up shops at Jozi & Kaapstad corporates week on week. So you could say that the natural next step would be to invest in a resto-bar, the Woodstock way. Of course these things take time and we’ve given it a lot of thought so we’d be interested to know if that’s what the people want. Let us know what you guys think!

We would like to thank the team at Woodstock waffles for taking the time to share there story with us and if you would like to get in contact with them, You can follow there social media pages. Links below..



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