A little while ago Jozi-Deep had the privilege of watching an insanely talented group of local performers here in Jozi live and without a doubt blown away by this young group of artists who go by the band name “The Tainted” whose members include:    Travis Buddingh – Lead Guitar

Jason Cameron – Drums

Ruan Jose – Second Guitarists

Shane Setowski – Bass

Gabi Miranda – Vocals

After the show we spoke with the tainted about doing a story on them and finally here it is, A few Q&A’s with The Tainted…

  1. How did the band come together?                                                                                     A.We were all studying at the same music college at the time. Originally it was only Travis, Jason and Gabi (lead guitarist, drummer and vocalist) and later Shane and Ruan joined (bassist and second guitarist).

2.Who writes the lyrics and music for your original tracks or does the whole band get involved?                                                                                                                              Travis and Gabi write the lyrics (lead guitarist and vocalist) and the whole band writes and arranges the music. We all work well together and believe that everyone should have input as great ideas can evolve from that.


  1. How many changes within the band did you go through till you found the members of the band you have now?

The band didn’t have to go through many changes. The Tainted started with Jason, Travis and Gabi and within a few weeks Shane and Ruan joined. We all know each other very well from college so we knew exactly who would work well together.


  1. What are the bands’ future aspirations?                                                                            The band has so many big goals to reach! We want to release our album this year as well as wanting to gig more and at bigger events and venues. We would love to play at Oppi Koppi someday too. We can’t reveal too many of our secrets as we    love to surprise our fans 😉


  1. What advice do you have for other musicians coming through the Jozi music scene?NEVER GIVE UP! Literally never give up. It won’t be easy, and it’s not easy in any country, but if you’re committed and want to do this then never ever give up. Always thank the sound engineer and owners/organizers of the event and venue. Even if you or your band brings your own tech rider/sound engineer still thank the organizers/owners. Always be polite and professional to everyone you meet as you never know who they are and where or when you’ll bump into them or need them. Don’t arrive to your gig at the time you’re supposed to be on and always come prepared for anything. Do free gigs for exposure and experience – it will be worth it when you get paid gigs. Don’t compete with other bands; there is room for everyone in the music industry if we’re all nice to each other.



We loved our time with the band and for more info links are below;




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