Skateboarding by Joseph Dludla

Local street skater Joseph Dludla wrote a little piece on skateboarding for Jozi Deep

Skateboarding has been around since the 1940’s, 78 years later and skateboarding is one of the biggest extreme sports around the world. Skateboarding involves riding and performing tricks on a skateboard, Its can be A way of Transportation, An art form, An Entertainment Industry job, or A recreational Activity.

Skateboarding for me like many others is a way to just escape from the world and just feel free. When you skate there is so much you can do, Skateboarding is a lot like Art, your possibility’s are endless. Skateboarding is a culture; The fashion, the atmosphere, the lingo.


I started skating at a really young age. It’s started off as a hobby, but after going skateboarding at skateboard parks and the street, with my friends. I started to learn how to a few complicated tricks, that’s when I just feel absolutely in love with it, it was just a great way to be creative, stay fit and learn new things all at once, with no one telling you it has to be done a certain way. I used to skate almost every single chance I could get, essentially I was hooked to skateboard, 10 years later and I still skate almost every day. I don’t think I could ever stop skateboard, it’s just who I am.

Im a south African skater. As most of us know, there are not a lot of skateboard parks around South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. So the next best thing is the streets, Street skateboarding is a style of skateboarding that mainly focus on Tricks and transitions in Urban streets, Plazas, or Industrial areas. Street skateboarding is a great way to find new spots to skate and to find flow.

Skateboarding is nonetheless an extreme sport with lots of risk, but it can also be very rewarding.

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