We had the privallage of speaking with and learning more about Macroco games this week here at Jozi-Deep and here’s what they had to say;

  1. Who is behind Macroco games and what are you backgrounds?                                The company was founded by a young man from called Eric Bangira who is passionate about educating through gaming .  He is a landscaper by profession but always felt a calling to do more in his life . initially he wanted to do computer games but due to budget constraints could not. He has been creating games for 11 years but only started bringing the concepts to life 3 years ago. To help him sell the games , Eric partnered with Tamuka Chandipa . a Boston Media House graduate. Tamuka handles the company sales , media relations and overall product presentation.
  2. How was the idea behind Macroco games birthed?                                                              To create the games , Eric looks at basic problems we encounter in our everyday life and tries to find solutions to these issues. One of our best selling games , Calculating 101 was inspired by how people always avoid sitting in front of the taxi because they have to calculate the change. it is these simple and seemingly obvious problems we try to eliminate and we try do this in a fun and interactive manner. 
  3. Please explain to us the creation and making of the games. Where do you print them?                                                                                                                                          The games are proudly created and manufactured in South Africa. To keep selling costs low, the games use matte finish designs. The games use 100% recyclable paper making them environmentally friendly. We have not yet found a permanent printer due to budget constraints  so all the games are currently hand made. After the games are created we then take them to creches and preschools were conduct surveys to determine the benefits and fun aspects of the games. The games are also analysed by focus groups that include parents and teachers before being finally released to the general public 
  4. What has the uptake of the games been?                                                                            The games have been received very well in malls where we set up tables for markets. We currently sell at Heath-way Center and pictures of happy clients at our table can be found on our social media . Our games have also been approved by the Bryanston Organic Market selection committee and they pride themselves for products that are environmentally friendly and healthy for the whole family. The response from children at these markets is also overwhelming as they are drawn to the product even though it is new and not as flashy as others in the same market.
  5. What are you wishes for the future?                                                                                     In future we wish to see Macroco Games grow to reach markets overseas. We plan to create more fun, more educational and more entertaining games than our competitors and thanks to our low overhead costs, We plan to stay the number one affordable and entertaining and educating brand of games in south Africa. Foreign games such as Uno and Go Fish can be fun but cost too much as they are imported. Us printing and distributing locally will ensure our games can reach even the most remote parts of the population and do this affordably. We also plan to be very involved in charity works donating time and resources to underprivileged ECD centers so children in these do not feel left out .

If you would like to find out more about MaCroco Games you can find them at one of the above markets mentioned or on one of there social media platforms –

MaCroco Card Games Facebook

MaCrocco Card Games Instagram

or You can contact them directly –

For office contact 011 0366217
For cell contact 0643501507



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