Some time with Deborah Chambers.

This week The Jozi-Deep team has the incredible pleasure of bringing you first hand insights from one of the most respected and admired women with in Jozi’s vast creative industry. The one The only Deborah Chambers.
Here’s what she had to tell us about living life to the fullest, Enjoying every second of your personal journey and remembering to always love who you are;
“I am a silver-haired, 57 year-old grandmother, living just outside the vibrant city of Jozi.
I embarked on a new and exciting stage of my life about seven years ago, when I embraced a new way of thinking about growing older.
The negative narrative around ageing is everywhere. The proliferation of anti-ageing products abounds. Anti-ageing. What does that mean?
Think for a moment about some other words that we preface with “anti-”.
Is the process of growing older, and looking the age that we really are, an awful, negative thing?
Or are the lines on our faces and the marks on our bodies the story of each of our own our unique and beautiful lives? If we have been lucky enough to have experienced love and happiness; loss and tears, these stories will show on our faces, and tell the world that we are here, that we are alive in this world.
I believe that ageing is a great privilege, one that is to be celebrated and rejoiced in.
And so, since around the time that I turned 50, I have been working to challenge negative stereotypes around ageing.
My life is one filled with trying new things (I started a modelling career when I was 53) and you will find me exploring cool Jozi spots such as Maboneng, Braamfontein and Fordsburg, enjoying our great art at First Thursdays, scouring thrift shops to find stylish pieces to add to my wardrobe or cycling in the beautiful Cradle of Humankind.
My hope is to be an inspiration to women of all ages, by embracing my age and all that comes with it and living a full, interesting and active life.”
If you would like to follow or get in contact with Deborah you can find links to her Social media and website below.

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