So, when Jozi Deep approached me to write this article I was extremely honored and excited. One because I was stoked that my platform, @africantea_ , is getting some recognition and two, that they saw me fit to write for their admirable publication. So, thank you again to Jozi Deep.


I’m not an artist but I am a young black woman who knows a few artists excelling creatively in the “competitive” Johannesburg art industry. So, I talked to a few of them as research and from what I gathered it doesn’t have to be competition if you just stick to developing your own artistic genius and talent. Like Cardi B once says in Best Life, “I’m my own competition, I’m competin’ with myself (brrr)”


This may sound naive but if it worked for Cardi B, so I’m definitely going to try it out.


One artist I talked to was Simphiwe Buthelezi who just launched her launched her first solo exhibition titled LALA LA after receiving the 2018 Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize.


I asked her a few questions to do with this topic and one of her responses was,


“When I first entered into the industry especially in Johannesburg I knew and understood the nature of the industry, however, my aim at the time was to develop my own artistic practice therefore I was not mindful of competition. I was lucky to meet young artists I could relate with and we all helped each other in our development.”
Lastly, another artist I feel does this is Lebohang Motaung. Among a myriad of other attributes, her trademark hair artworks is what I feel sets her apart in the industry. It is always a pleasure to watch her excell and develop from seeing her works at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair to reading her interviews on the own your crown website.


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