Johannesburg – the economic hub of South Africa, also known as the City of Gold. The place where dreams turn into reality and lives change for the better. Well, for those who are willing to put in the work, dreams are certainly attainable.

Originally from Durban, I am a 32 year old female living in Johannesburg for the past five years. Recently, more people are permanently moving out of their home towns. The destination? To Johannesburg of course! But why do so many people, including myself relocate to Johannesburg?

The Good

Money! Straight off the bat, I can tell you that many come to Johannesburg in search of a better earning potential. Back in Durban, jobs are limited. Qualified, experienced job seekers outweigh the number of GOOD jobs available. So in a space of two weeks, I decided to quit my job, and leave Durban in search of the better earning potential. I started my new job on the second Monday of arriving here! Five years later and I still work for the same company. I started as a Sales Representative, and now I am the Marketing Manager. The work ethic is brilliant. Bosses are kinder and more empathic in Johannesburg. People are respectful, entertainment options are endless, and the infrastructure is amazing. The list is endless, but you have to experience the city for yourself to understand the true beauty that lies within.

The Bad

Due to the increasing influx of people, infrastructure is constantly being upgraded. Even in the fanciest suburbs’, people literally live on top of each other, it’s called complex living. Space is a problem, traffic is a problem, God forbid there is an accident on your way to work, and then you might only get to work after lunch hour. The roads are something else. There is an off-ramp inside an off-ramp, which will fork into three directions, and a fork proceeding a fork, which may or may not take you to your destination. Good luck with that. During my first six months as an external sales person, I spent half the day finding my destination, and the other half actually working!

The Ugly

You guessed it – crime. Yes, the crime rate is high. However, crime is not isolated to Johannesburg only. Crime is a global problem, it’s just that Johannesburg experiences a higher rate of crime. It’s a matter of taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety. I am not naïve. I know our law enforcement sucks and people literally get away with murder. But until things change, we have to keep our sanity intact by focusing on the positive.

Although I am living in Johannesburg for a short while, I love it here! This is my home. People accept me for who I am. I am not judged and people accept each other as they are. We work hard, but we party harder. Strangers turn into friends, late nights turn into group breakfasts and you are always welcomed and accepted.

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