Soundscapes of Jozi – My Jozi By Roweda Petersen

As a little girl originating from a town called Bethlehem located in the Freestate, the dream of living the ‘Joburg’ city life was one I was determined to make my reality. This decision was based on two things: the first one was to speak English and the second related to the view of the Johannesburg skyline, a picturesque view that traced both the simplicity and profundity of the message.

A complex city with a variety of cultural perspectives, mostly known for its comprehensive creative communities such as galleries and museums predominantly the electronic music scene (The Underground). The hub of The Underground genre has seen a tremendous rise in numbers, which relates to the increase followers, artists, and hosting of live events. The fusion of cultures exploring definitive views on what diversity and inclusion should be, the simplicity of Jozi my Jozi.

The early nineties came along with the passkeys to non-confinement, a time marked as the biggest moment in history, South Africans celebrated the end of the apartheid era. This moment in history also sparks the flame f of a firey culture, a liberal nation, a house nation. The house genre has become one of Johannesburg’s biggest attractions, an unforgettable experience where you witness a diverse group united in their appreciation for the art of music.

The compilers such as Vinny Da Vinci, Oskido, Christos, the late Iggy Smallz, Dj Fresh, and Dj Kent mixed emotions with music that made it feel like love at first sight. I was fortunate enough to have the best seat in the house when it came to the entertainment lifestyle in Jozi, well its obvious if you the sister of the person hosting the best parties in the city at the time. My deep-seated view at the “The Underground” show validated what has been said before, that there’s the good, the bad and the ugly in everything.

Introduced so many South Africans to music that plotted a series the foundation of the industry with timeless beats that will forever remain stuck in the scene. This, in turn, is encouraging the discovery to the rest of the world on how “Joburgians” pledges diversity. The scene has developed into a gigantically profitable career and has progressively increased in popularity with the younger generation. This precipitated a spike in young talented artists who are pressing on getting recognition in music entertainment scene; some for wrong reasons, and others with unfeigned love for the art of music with unprecedented creativity. Such mastery I have come to discover within the likes of Shervaan Bergsteedt, Jazzuelle, and Bruce Loko, these sound masters sparks a flame so potent that stokes the fire to the inferno of OUR city, OUR Jozi.

The city of Johannesburg, the second biggest on the African continent and the most intriguing fact that gets me thinking is 40% of all the world’s human ancestor fossils have been discovered in and around Johannesburg, it’s where life begins, a culture vulture fairy-tale.


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