Hauntings of South Africa By Edmirie Fourie



When people think South Africa, the last thing that pops into their heads is paranormal activity. But at our core we are really a superstitious bunch, and every now and then you’ll hear a youngster telling a ghost to the disbelief of his friends, or an older warning you to be careful of the spirits that wander our history soaked country.


There are many popular haunted destinations, such as the town of Uniondale, paired with a movie about it to further enhance the spooky factor. The main character of this haunting is rumored to be Maria Charlotte Roux, who seems to do no harm, except asking for a lift and then disappearing from your car without saying goodbye. It could’ve been worse, honestly. It is listed on the Top 10 Haunted Locations of South Africa list, for those who enjoy a little spook now and then.


Another popular location is the abandoned Kempton Park hospital. A vast building, floor after floor, left behind to decay while the city around it kept on moving, ignoring it. It closed it’s doors in 1997, without any explanation and that just fired on the rumors of it being haunted. In 2018 there then rumors of it being renovated but nothing came of it. Papers litter the floor, and medical equipment lie around, despite their obvious worth in money. Hospital beds stand around, soaked through with rain water and slightly rotten. It is one of the creepiest places in my opinion. Many young kids ventured into this building, searching for adventure, each coming back with a more harrowing tale to tell. Is any of it true? Only they would know.


One that struck a cord with me was a location that wasn’t even on the list. As a kid I grew up with the legends of the De Deur Ghost. A biker decapitated by the angry father of his lover that appeared on Boundary Road. Even my parents’ friends tell tales of waiting on the dark road, flickering their lights, trying to catch a glimpse of this ghost on his motorcycle. According to legend you could see his headlight behind you at times, and even once he apparently was on top of the car? With his bike? I guess ghosts don’t care about panel beating as much as we do.


There are many more haunted places in Gauteng, some of them not listed on the internet. Each town has it’s own history and it’s own ghosts. South  Africa is filled with history and is over brimming with tales to be told. If the medium it needs to tell these stories is ghosts, then so be it.


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