Team O’ver Interview by Liam Horn

Recently Jozi-Deep came across a Pizza spot here in our own back yard offering flavors from the native Napoli, we had a chance to catch up and learn a bit more about the O’ver team and here what they had to say.
1. What sets you guys apart from other Pizza joints around Jozi? 
For starters, 2 of our co-founders are Italian with one of them also acting as the executive chef and, for the time being, our pizzaiolo at the market 🙂
In terms of technique: we make our dough by hand with a long fermentation period; this means that the pizza is airy and light but also quite easily digestible.
We always favor local ingredients and only the freshest. Every prepared component is homemade, down to the harissa that gives our Diavola its heat.
Finally, of course, we use a wood-fired oven and, true to Neapolitan form, cook our pizzas in 90 seconds.
2. Bringing the taste of Napoli to Jozi. How did you learn the flavour combinations native to Napoli?
As I mentioned, our co-founders are Italian hailing from Napoli and Rome. They’ve literally grown up on Pizza. Not to mention we’ve been personally obsessing over pizza-making for at least 5 years. Between the years of research and experimenting, and the high expectations to match the quality of home we’re confident what we’re bringing to Jozi is truly a taste of Napoli.
3. What kinda flavours can we expect coming to the menu soon? 
We recently added 2 new flavors to the menu:
* The Ortolana – a Margherita base topped with thin slices of grilled baby marrow and aubergine then finished with small dollops of ricotta-basil mousse.
* and in catering to a more South African palate, the Short Rib –  a white base of smoked mozzarella topped with caramelized onions and slow-cooked short rib, finished with fresh ricotta and a basil-infused oil.
We’re experimenting with some others still.
The challenge for us will always be about balancing that fine line between the local taste, what we believe is authentically Italian and constantly innovating our techniques.
4. Having a home at the neighbourgoods market on Saturdays, Is there anywhere else we might see the Team soon? 
For the moment nothing is set in stone yet. However, we do cater. So you can book us for your private events any time! Just DM us on Instagram or send us an e-mail and we’ll sort it out.
5. For a True Pizza lover trying overpizza for tge first time what would you recommend from your menu? 

In Italy, the true measure of a pizzeria is how well they can make a “simple” Margherita. That said, as a team, our personal favorite is the Salsiccia Bianca –  a white base topped with smoked mozzarella, beef sausage and cherry tomatoes; garnished with a pea puree and finished with a drizzle of basil-infused oil.

One last note, our name – O’ver – is Napoli slang meaning ‘for real’, usually used to refer to something/someone as being the “real deal”. 

Our digital presence is currently mainly on Instagram @overpizzaJHB

You can always contact me, Reem, at


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