This we week we had the pleasure and privilege of chatting to one of the best local Photographers in Jozi and Official Fuji-film X-Photographer Anton Bosman and here’s what he had to say.
1. Being from Jozi how would you say the city has influenced your artistic eye?
 I think Jozi has the ability to unearth many peoples artistic vision and ability .
My reason for saying this is that we have a plethora of amazing and varied architecture in the city, and these “creations” really edge on the imagination, the imagination to wonder what the city was like in the past and were it could lead us in the future .
It leaves open the door for an amazingly creative thought processes .
The varied cultures, all with their own arts, colors and inspiration again, letting me think about things more creatively .
I am a firm believer that to become more creative, we need to be around other creatives and we can all draw from each others creativity and ideas .
Jozi of course has the best sunsets imaginable and often these help with the process in creating something really dramatic and jaw dropping imagery .
2. What are some of your favorite places as a Photographer in Jozi?
 My favorite places to photograph will definitely be the section from The Sheds all the way through to Gandhi Square .
It is within this part of the city we get amazing and varied architecture from the Gothic, Brutalist and Art Deco era’s .
I also enjoy the Maboneng Precinct from time to time, especially the graffiti .
Constitution Hill is another favourite and there are some amazing views of Hillbrow to look at from there .
3. How would you describe your artistic style to someone seeing your photos for the first time?
I would say that my style borders on the surreal .
It is certainly something I push for and work hard towards , i want my images to give that “wow” effect the first time people see them .
I take it from beyond off what we know as a photograph and create something that is magical and almost a painting, yet it is still a photograph in every essence of the word .
Dramatic, vibrant impactful and lasting memories .
That is what I push towards, I want people to see that photography can be as much art as what a painting may be .
4.With Jozi quickly becoming the capital for street art in South Africa what are some of the most memorable murals threw city in your view?
This one is easy .
Most definitely the Faith 47 Zebra’s (which have sadly made way for a retail store)
The mural by Kazy Usclef in Maboneng .
The Boxer – The Nelson Mandela mural on the side of the Access City building by Freddy Sam .
Anything by Rasty Knayles .
5. What advice do you have for not only photographers but all creatives trying to make a name in this industry?
Share only your best work, don’t get caught up in the world of online validation .
Share over multiple platforms and share selectively .
Be very hard on yourself and never be content with where you are at .
We can always create better than our last creation .
People get caught up with a “need to create content”
This is not a good way to show only the best we have to offer .
Create and create a lot, there will be some stuff along the way that gets “binned” but those “melons” are only another practice run and step in creating that which is “the best”
We want to entice our audience after all ,and getting a jaw dropping reaction from them every time is not just self satisfying but also good indicator that one happens to be on the right track .
A huge thank you to Anton for all the incredible work he’s done with in our city and the creative industry if your looking to see more from him you can follow his Facebook page

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