Johannesburg by Chriselda Raletjena

Johannesburg the biggest city in the province of Gauteng, a home to the biggest of the all, a home to our heroes, a home to our role models and public figures. Johannesburg you produced musicians, politicians, poets, soccer stars and many more. It is the city of Gold, where some find opportunities while some finds regrets and disappointments, a city that makes out dreams come true.

People from rural areas long to come to Johannesburg hoping for a brighter future, some they do make it while some unfortunately get swallowed by the big city. It is a home to the homeless as many reside and sleep in the streets of Johannesburg, it is a very beautiful place but yet unfriendly to the weak, it produces the toughest and the strongest of them all but also to some it instills fear and low self-esteem, in the eyes of the unlucky it is perceived differently. To some it is a place of hope, while to many it is a reminder of all the bad that happened in their lives. Oh the city of Johannesburg.

It is just like any other city with both the negative and the positive, it is up to us as people if we where negatively or positively impacted by this big city. To me it is a city of hope, a city where all my dreams will come true, a city that teaches us about life the hard way. This is not a friendly city for the weak, but it is friendly to the toughest of the all, you have to know what you want and need to be ready to achieve your dreams no matter what, it is not a city of the quitters but a city for the Go-getters.

One speaker once said that foundation is a very important aspect in our lives as it determines our growth, it is indeed true as the city of Johannesburg can be viewed based on our very first encounters, if they are positive then everything we see and say about the city will be positive but if it was negative we will always find wrong things to describe the city of Gold. For a person who was mugged during his or her first encounter it will always be perceived as dangerous but for a tourist it might be perceived as a very friendly environment. Each and every person I’d different and the city of Gold surely do treat us differently.

welcome to johannesburg

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