THE STREETS OF HILBROW by Chriselda Raletjena

Hilbrow is viewed as the most dangerous city around the Johannesburg area as it is famous for all the wrong things, overpopulation is the best term to describe the streets of Hilbrow and not forgetting to mention the high crime rates, drugs and prostitution. The streets of Hilbrow took most of our loved ones and turned them in to people that we do not know, they can barely recognize themselves also.

The city of Gold sold people a dream, they thought the streets of Egoli where made of Gold, people never thought that they could be disappointed by coming to the city of Gold. Both young men and young women had bigger dreams when coming to the city of Gold, some they were able to fulfill their dreams while some they could not.

Our sisters and mothers left home to the city of Gold to look for better opportunities but the cruel city introduced them to the streets of Hilbrow where they turned into prostitutes, they turned to drugs and crime and they forgot where they are coming from and practically forgot who they left behind. The streets of hilbrow made mothers forget about their children, they forgot about their families and the harsh situations that they left behind at home, children are orphans while their parents are still alive all thanks to the streets of Hilbrow. Ladies forgot that they left their parents at home and promised them a better life, but the streets of Hilbrow made them forget that they are breadwinners.

It is very sad seeing our younger brothers roaming around the streets of Hilbrow pointing guns at mothers who are supposed to be their parents, our brothers forgot that they have sisters at home and end up raping younger girls, they forgot that they promised to look after their parents but the harsh streets of hilbrow made them forget that they have homes. They end up sleeping in the streets forgetting that they had a room and a bed at home, what really happened to them? Do they ever remember home? Can they even recognize their siblings? We all ask ourselves a lot of questions but who can really answer us because they are not in the right state of mind. The streets of Hilbrow turned our brothers into drug lots and drug addicts, we have lost our siblings all because of the streets of Hilbrow.

We are practically afraid of our own brothers and sisters as nowadays crime doesn’t have gender, we are afraid of bringing innocent children to this evil world all because of the harsh treatment of the streets of Hilbrow. The streets of Hilbrow are not made of Gold, Guns are everywhere and innocent people are getting shot each and every day, the streets of Hilbrow please bring back our brothers and sisters because they had big dreams before they met you, their parents need them, their children want them back please do not take them for good.

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