Interview with local Jozi Artist Oneeightth by Liam Horn

1. Where does the name and concept oneeightth come from?
 a couple of years ago I stayed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Where I was an illustrator for a mapping company. Which wasn’t great but payed well. In New Mexico I got much closer to cannabis. Then went on to growing. That’s where my name birthed itself, one eighth of an ounce. 
2. With such vivid and creative portraits and illustrations, How you would you describe your artistic style?
 I take strong influences from tattoo artists as well as street artists. I love hard lines and flat colors. I traveled a lot, saw many faces and met many artists. Always been fascinated by meeting new people and learning their stories, I guess It’s all shaped the faces I produce now.
3. What are some of your favorite and most memorable projects you’ve worked on and why?
 I’ve been lucky enough to work on some dope projects, one that stands out and that we are currently still busy with is SEUN Apparel. @seun_apparel a clothing project for surf, skate, street peeps. Creating hand printed shirts & gear. Wanting to involve many other artists once the company gets to spread further.  With a long term goal of also producing and printing boards & hopefully getting some kids off the street to teach them the craft of shaping boards and building presses, releasing limited edition boards from the SEUN house to try and build the board industry here, also trying to create some opportunity. Way down the line though, that’s partly were the initial inspiration for the name came from. a favorite for sure.
4.What does the future hold for 1/8th?
 Hopefully more walls, bigger installations and projects collaborating with other artists. I’d like to do some work with other people.
5.What are you working on at the moment?
 My own nerves and pictures of faces 🙂 currently I’m working on a collection and looking for a few places to exhibit. Once I’ve done a show or a few in Jozi, I’d like to go visit another city for a few weeks to do some painting there.
You can find 1/8th on Instagram @oneeightth and feel free to DM for bookings or purchases.

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