Interview with Mars Graffiti artist by Liam Horn

This past week Jozi-Deep had the incredible honor of speaking with one of Jozi’s most recognized local Graffiti artist Mars who is a multi talented visual artist whose paintings, commissions and art work can be seen around Jozi as well as nation wide. He allowed us to ask him a few questions about his artistic journey and career so far, here what we spoke about:

1. Being one of the most recognized graffiti artist from Jozi, how did you get your start in the industry and where did it all begin for you?

Around the age of 15 I was Skateboarding, hanging out with other kids and friends who dabbled in graffiti. I started messing around with spray paint but mostly it was just another fad at the time, like most things when you are that age.  It was a slow build up to the point where everything in my life now revolves around the spray, hobby, passion and career.


2. Having a tagged all over the country what are some of your personal favorites and why?

I try not to get too attached to my work. But every picture has a time frame attached to it, depending on what Im going through, like a marker in time that I can look back at in the future and remember what I was going through. When I used to bomb a lot more and paint trains there were a couple of crazy chases from authorities and police, not to mention all the weird shit you see late at night on the streets of JHB.


3.Who are some of your favorite fellow graffiti artists you admire from Jozi and around SA?

 Tapz, Rasty, Faith47, Mein, Bias, Falko, Sonny, all for establishing themselves in their own way.

4.What does the future hold for mars and where do you see yourself in the next few years?

 Hard to say, the past few years have definitely been dedicated to setting up my home, work and bank account. I feel like this is almost at a comfortable level so I am starting to work on trying to do more projects out of S.A wherever possible, so hopefully some more travels and pictures.

5.What words of advice do you have for young artists from Jozi across all platforms?

Just keep your head down and work hard, take opportunities and take risks, dont be afraid to fuck it all up. It wont be an easy life but it will definitely be a life full of experience and love.

We would like to thank mars for taking the time to speak with us and letting us share his story, If you would like to see more from mars you can visit any of the links below:

Mars Facebook  

Mars Instagram



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