As the sun sets on the Highveld, the piercing Johannesburg skyline entices the imagination, invigorating the soul as the thought of a new day in the City of Gold resonates with all who call it home.

And so they come from far and wide to make Jozi their home, its appeal lying nestled in a melting pot of opportunity and a promise of making their name mark in the big city. Here to chase their dreams but not allowed to rest on their laurels, as the daily hustle keeps them on their toes and looking over their shoulders.

Joburg offers young and old the opportunity to follow your dreams and make a better life for you and your family. A better standard of living, higher salaries and an extremely competitive employment market make Jozi a very attractive proposition, but make no mistake, there are pitfalls aplenty. Along with the promise of success comes the fear of failure and becomes a daunting prospect when one has nothing but a dream and home is far away.

There is nothing more inspiring than a rags-to-riches story and Johannesburg has them in abundance. A unique combination hard work, determination and luck, coupled with being in the right place at the right time, has proven to be a recipe for success.

Finding a job in the City of Gold is not easy and for many who fail to secure employment, entrepreneurship offers and exciting yet unpredictable alternative. Being your own boss sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, however, not everyone is cut out for the world of self-employment.

Johannesburg city center is abuzz with informal traders from not only the rest of the country, but from all across the continent. Many came to chase their dreams, but the harsh reality of putting food on the table and paying rent, meant that they had to find a way to survive and Joburg offered hope. A plan and a professional attitude is what the powers that be in the City of Gold seek out and when the stars align, Johannesburg embraces the entrepreneur, and from there anything is possible.

From businessmen to musicians to self-made millionaires, there is no shortage of success stories in Jozi. The hustle is real and when you venture in to the townships there is a real sense of pride instilled into young and old as they claim their success stories. It’s the ultimate inspiration for those less fortunate wanting to make it big and all roads lead to the big city.

As the sun rises on the Highveld, a new day awaits all who have made Johannesburg their home. The City of Gold will present itself to the brave, the hardworking and the adventurous, but only those who seize the day can truly say “I have made it in the big city, I have made it in Johannesburg”.

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