Speaking with Daze Culture by Liam Horn

Jozi-Deep had the chance of speaking with Dj/Producer Daze Culture, He told us a bit about his journey in the music industry, his brand and team For the city. Here’s what we spoke about:

1.When did you first realize you had a love for making music?
b. What would you be doing if not for music?

I’ve always grown up around music. My family has been involved with music for many years listening to the likes of Barry White, Oleta Adams, Brandy, Bee Gees to Usher, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez etc. There was this one day in 2005 my cousin had a house-warming and brought out his vinyl dj system and I fell in love. I asked him if I could try it and he said to me “You’re to young to play with this”. From that day I never stopped listening to music and dreaming of becoming the biggest Dj/Producer in the world.

2.What are some of your favorite festivals or events you’ve played to?

Music is a form of art and I’ve always had passion for art. If it wasn’t for me doing music I’d probably be finding another way to express my feelings through another form of art. Telling a story through art is the best way to connect with people, they can relate to you.

I’ve performed at many places in my life and I definitely have to say it’s been an amazing journey. There has been so many beautiful festivals, clubs and private events have been hosted in SA. My top 3 favorite events I’ve performed at in order is: Berg In The Burg Festival (Carfax Newtown), Wonderland U19 Festival (Innes Free Park), The Festa Portuguese Festival (Benoni).

3.What does the future hold for Daze culture and where can we see you next?

The future is bright and holds so much not just for myself but for everyone. Where I see myself in the future is playing alongside the worlds greatest at the Ultra Miami Festival with plenty song collaborations. I will be performing at Stones Bedfordview alongside Chunda Munki, Dj Switch, Advent (From P.E) & more on the 20 April 2019. On the same night I’ll be performing at the Hookah Lounge Boksburg alongside Marco The Dj. I have a lot more upcoming gigs in April and a busy schedule for May where I bring in live elements to my performances.

4.Can you tell us more about For the city and what the brand represents?

For The City is a group of 7 ambitious friends who came together to create an events coordinating business to provide only but the best experiences in events in Johannesburg. We aim to create the best memories, comfort, vibes and hype for our followers and supporters. We have not failed to do so and we’re constantly changing the game and by this I mean we consistent and always deliver. We host a monthly event called First Sundays, the name says it all, it falls on the First Sunday of every month and has been running successfully from the beginning for 1 year & 1 month.

5.Who in the local industry would you love to collaborate with?

There are way to many talented artists in the industry. Up and coming artists have so much talent and it’s beautiful to see. My role models are Black Coffee, Da Capo & Shimza. I wish and hope to collaborate with them one day. I would also love to collaborate with international artists such as Oliver Shcories, Stimming, Stephen Bodzin, Innellea and Kris Davis. There are a lot more artists I’d love to collaborate with but then I’d go on forever.

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