I had been thinking of starting a flea market for local entrepreneurs at home. I’m in business so I’m aware of the difficulties of small businesses to enter the formal retail market. The entry barriers are a real thing. One day my husband mentioned that he had seen a post on facebook from someone who wanted to do same, start a flea market. i then immediately reached out to this person to see if we can collaborate and work together, united we stand theory. This person was Gago Mabena of G1 God clothing brand who is now my business partner. we realised that we had same vision and together we can do more. Because I stay in Gauteng, Gago did a lot of ground work for our first flea market. I’m really grateful to him.
Needless to say, new venture comes with challenges. This was both our first time putting together a flea market, it was a steep learning curve. We both wanted the flea market to comply with our local municipality bylaws. To engage and get approval for certain things from various stakeholders on time proved to be challenging. To get the entrepreneurs to trust us with their marketing and their monies also came into play to an extent of having our first flea market as a free market to earn their trust and also see that we are passionate about this. We made a mistake of announcing our sponsors to our entrepreneurs and we quickly learned that was not a very smart move. This trying to be open ended in us losing one of our sponsors in the eleventh hour, literally a day before the market. We are visionaries and believe in the growth of Street Hustle Flea Market so these challenges did not deter us but were lessons in going forward.
Good things also happened. One of the big players in the graphic design and printing industry at home, Nthongwa Artz trusted our vision and immediately came on board to sponsor the market with free marketing products. The absolute best experience was the positive feedback we got from both the community and the exhibitors. Welkom Central Park had a bad image because of previous things that had happened in the past. So the community (elder and youth alike) see the flea market is bringing back a positive image to the central park. The first flea market was a success that it gave birth to the second flea market and it has already given birth to the many more to come. The second flea market brought a hive of exhibitors, banners all over, the central park was alive! It was beautiful to experience and watch.
Gago and I have one vision, to grow the market and take it to the various municipalities in and around the Freestate. To create our own retail market. To bring local entrepreneurs to the community, expose them to a bigger audience. To grow our local economy at ground roots. The vision is to make The Street Hustle Flea Market the talk of the town, an event where every entrepreneur wants to exhibit and be expose to their communities. To pull the crowd and assist our local businesses with marketing and selling of their products and services. And we are definitely on the right track!

To book a stall call or Whatsapp/sms the numbers below:
Gago 083 897 7886
Lipolelo 079 881 5103

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