Interview with Photographer Alexius van der westhuizen by Liam Horn

The talent our city holds for breeding photographers is amazing and yet another awesome photographer has shared his story with us and the joys of his journey with in photography:
1.When did you first find a love for the art of photography?
    It all started when I was at school in the 80’s. I first started with the typical point and shoot cameras like the Kodak Ektra 100 and later other 35mm compact film cameras. It was only in the early 90’s that I acquired my first film SLR camera, but due to the cost of developing and printing photographs, my foray into photography was reasonably limited. It’s only with the advent of digital photography that my passion for photography really came to the forefront. I always loved the feel of night time long exposure photography, but due to the fact that there would be such a long time between the taking of the photograph and the eventual developing and printing thereof, I limited myself in that regard. However, when I acquired my first digital camera, I couldn’t get enough of night time long exposure photography. Being in control of the whole picture making process, opened up a whole new avenue of creativity. Not having to worry about developing and printing costs, allowed me to experiment to my hearts’ content. Using editing software, was like developing a photograph in the darkroom (something I always wanted to do, but never possible because I didn’t have the space for it) In answer to your question, my ultimate love for the art of photography thus started in 2009 when I was in a position to control everything from beginning to end.
2.What are some of your favorite spots to capture Jozi in all its beauty?
I live in the south of Johannesburg and thus have access to beautiful views of Johannesburg from the South. One such spot is Moffat Park which literally gives you complete unrestricted view of Johannesburg from east to west. Some of my other favourite vantage points include rooftops in Johannesburg. More notably the roof of the Civic Center in Braamfontein and the sky deck of the Parktonian Hotel. When I’m in the north I like to shoot Jozi from the back of Northcliff Hill. I also like to go on walkabouts in Johannesburg itself and capture the beauty and elegance of some of the old grand buildings in Johannesburg from ground level. It’s an attempt to get people back into Johannesburg again.

3.How would you describe your artistic vision to someone viewing your work for the first time?
I try and capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way that will add maximum visual impact. From chasing storms and catching lightning over the city skyline to chasing puddles and creating symmetry in reflections of buildings I photograph.
4.What does the future hold for your career?
I’m an accomplished real estate, wedding and sports photographer as well. That goes a long way towards paying the bills. I recently photographed swimming championships and captured the most amazing patterns in water created by the swimmer’s exiting the water. I’d like to compile a series of those photos entitled “The shape of water”.
5.Are there any other artistic avenues you’ve pursued?
Photography is the only artistic creative outlet I’ve become involved in.
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