Interview with Chow Mein by Liam Horn

Jozi-deep had the chance to speak with one of the most inspiring creatives making his mark in the industry at the moment, Chow Mein had a few words for us:

1.What does the pseudonym Chow mein mean to you? i feel that it expresses my level of creativity… my goal is to promote my youthful and care-free personality. just know that a night with me is one to remember lol. b. Where do you come up with the concept behind the name? funny story – when i was young lad (even a bit now) i looked quite asian. people still confuse me for one of asian decent, i played along with it and decided to give myself the alias, chowmein. which stuck and don’t regret it it any way. 2.What are some of your favorite local spots to play and why? my favourite spots to play at are definitely Republic of 94 in Braamfontien and Carfax in Newtown. why? the crowds. the crowds are definitely my favourite part about playing at these spots. i definitely enjoy playing for the chowmeiniacs who come out just to see the boy.

3. Local Dj’s and artists that inspire you to create? at the moment my biggest inspiration is Bazy B. he always kills a set and he plays the same genre of music that i play myself. he always has the dance floor full and he does this for the people. that’s what it’s all about.

4. Who would you love to collaborate with internationally? internationally? that’s quite difficult because south african house and international house are completely different. but kaytranada is definitely a big favourite. his new wave style and his remixes of old school Rnb songs are eargasmic.

5. What does the future hold for Chow Mein? this is a toughie haha. well i definitely would like to start producing my own house music and get myself to vocalize on them just like dj kent. i really want my brand to become a household name more than just a name you see on the flyers at events you go to and you’ll definitely see me on more flyers in the near future! 2019 has definitely been the year of the introduction to chowmein! i’m pretty excited to see what the future has to offer me though.

To find his latest mix or follow him via social media follow any of the handles below:

Instagram – chowmein_dj
twitter – chowmein_dj
facebook – chowmein

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