Interview with Vuyisile Victor Busakwe Aka Venom93 by Joseph Abongile Dludla

Joseph had the opportunity of speaking with local artist Venom 93
1. What do you see yourself branching off into as a career??

1.I see myself as Businessman Owning my own media company which will focus on inspiring and helping the youth to achieving their Goals .There is Talent in our communities but because of lack of resources and financial constraints it’s hard for us as unprivileged black South Africans to focus on our God Given Gift which is Our Talents.
2. Are you working on any new music and if so are you planning on encorparating any new sounds into your music??
2.Yes I am ,My new music will be more of A fuse of afro pop and Vernac and here I am expressing the real Hustler that I am and It will be accommodative to every listener, Gender and very motivating to our Youth.
3. Do you have any goals that you are  aiming to achieve?
3.Yes ,in believe that Goals are a way of actively seeking out your ambitions.My Goal is to be one of the influential Ghetto Heros by being a living testimony to my close friends and family who have dreams too,that everything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the time and consistency in your hustle .
4. What quote do you live by/What quote inspires you?
4.Dream as you will live forever,live as if you will Die today” The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday” “It’s important to make someone happy as my Xhosa Name says Vuyisile  which translates “Happiness” and it’s important to start with yourself.”Life doesn’t require that we be the best only we try our Best”.
5.What do you most love about photography?
5.I get excited to step outside , somewhere unfamiliar and run into all the beautiful things everywhere.I love going out with my Friend “Gift Twala aka Ghost and taking pictures.Photography allows for complete self-expression,a photo can tell a story without a single word ;there is no language barrier and although it is stressful at times , Photography can actually be very relaxing , Lastly there is nothing more satisfying than getting the perfect shot.
6. Do you have anything that you can say to inspire the youth and people hoping to go into your creative career/path?
6.All that I can say is find happiness in what you do,follow your heart and be passionate with all you love doing and the Rest is History

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