Interview with Dj/Producer Arnold Adriaans from DarkerThanWhite by Liam Horn

Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of getting to know more about the dj/producer combo that is DarkerThanWhite, We got to know a little about there start and everything they’ve been doing for the industry ever since:
1.Where did the idea for collaboration darker than white come from?
1. To answer the first question , well it goes back a few years , Andre and I were very good friends for years and Andre actually introduced me to deep tech , I was playing tech house at a local club in the East Rand called Bambu . Andre used to support me every Friday or Saturday night and one Saturday he approached me and asked me to play one his CD’s . I wasn’t sure what was on it but I trusted his taste in music , after I dropped the first track which was produced by a producer called East End Dubs , I simply fell in love with this new genre called minimal / deep tech . We officially decided to form the duo when we had the opportunity to hear East End Dubs play at Truth , upstairs. After his set we rushed back home and played around on Andre’s equipment ,we realized  our mixing was very smooth when we mixed together , we were in sync from the first track to the last  . And from there we started the duo and called ourselves DarkerThanWhite.  We were a new duo on the scene , to be honest nobody really knew who we were until we were approached by Pablo Lundall , one half of Weston & Engine . He offered to teach us music production and provided a platform for  us to play at Adrenaline Cafe in Fourways every Wednesday . We later then got invited to Sean’s place every Thursday night for production lessons with both the members of W&E . These two guys play a huge role in the birth of DarkerThanWhite . 
2.Can you tell us a bit more about the monday morning drive?
2. The Monday Morning Drive is a podcast collective that we host on Soundcloud every Monday . The idea behind this is to expose Johannesburg to Deep Tech / Minimal , but not just the genre we wanted to expose Johannesburg to artist they know and then feature mixes from up and comers to give  the new guys on the block a chance to showcase their sound and to be featured on the same line ups as local and International heavy weights in the industry . We wanted to help people the same way Pablo and Sean helped us .
3.Can you tell us more about the aspects involved in being a dj/producer duo from Jozi?
3. The most important aspects of a duo is communication and team work . Communication is key , always stay open minded and share ideas with one another, its the only way you guys can grow as duo . Whilst mixing there are a lot of moments where you guys have to communicate about when you feel you want to bring in the next track and your partner has to follow your lead and vice versa . Then there is team work , not only behind the decks but even when you’re not mixing , for example the planning of your next set , all the tracks you guys would like to play , the marketing of your brand etc . All of that needs to be work out and executed by the two of you . Working as a team is better than working alone and as they say “teamwork makes the dream work” and that’s very true .
4.Can you tell us who are some of your favorite local acts and why you’d choose them?
4. Our favorite local acts would definitely be Weston & Engine , Shoalin Funk , Ghoul and of course ShelO . The reason why we chose these gentleman is because they are very good at what they do , they are the most humble artists you could ever work with and they’re music selection is simply to die for . W&E and ShelO also produce very well and we have learned a great deal them too .
5.What can we expect in the future from The darker than white duo?
5. The next step we would say is to be able to host our own events and to give back to the community , after all they are the ones that take the time to come.e out and support us so we would love to give people an opportunity to be heard and to further they’re career as an artist in Jozi
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