Interview with Riot Graffiti Artist from The Most Hated Crew by Liam Horn

Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of speaking with one of the most recognized names in the local graffiti world none other than Riot from The Most Hated Crew, He told us abit about his start in the industry and some of his favorite colleagues:
1.Having been in the industry for so long, How did you get your start in graffiti world?
 It was at the age of 12 that met an older group of guys that were in the scene. I started sketching seeing there sketches and tags whilst being around them. At 17 I picked up the can for the first time when I met a writer named Jesk.

2.What are some of your personal favorite projects you’ve completed over the years?

I can’t say I have a personal favourite project but my favourite painting days are with my crew painting my name.

3.Who or what has been a major influence when it comes to your artistic style?

In the early days I ran around with Myza watching and learning putting in the ground work. You could say I was schooled by him. I can’t say my style is influenced by any artist in particular. I change and progress as we paint a lot. I paint what I enjoy painting.

4.With Jozi becoming the Graffiti capital of SA who are some of your favorite local artists?

The Big man Breeze and his team have been putting some stuff out there that is really amazing.

5.Can you tell us more about the MHC?

MHC – The most hated crew… Well we a crew that has kept pretty constant since we started. It’s been around 6 or 7 yrs now going strong. We have beginners in our crew and guys that have been around. We all learn together.

5b.What can we expect from Riot and The Most Hated Crew in the future?

If I told you what to expect it wouldn’t be a surprise. What I can say Is we here. We not going anywhere. We working on some bigger projects for the future both individually and as a crew. So yeah more to come definitely from myself and my crew The most hated.

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