Interview with Ifani By Joseph Dudla

Joseph interviewed local artist Ifani who sells his art by the local johannesburg city library on albertina sisulu, He sells glow in the dark custom T-shirts, Cups and shoes and is also open to new commissions.

Q1 What inspired you to start your custom clothing store??

My love for art which began from doing canvases, then that is where I started doing custom clothing.

Q2 What would you like your business to turn out to be?
I would like to see my business grow into the best custom clothing store Africa has seen/had. I would love to also go global and inspire the yaith and upcoming artist to follow their dreams.

Q3 Have you been working on any new clothing/art, if so when do you plan on releasing it??
Am currently working on winter collection which will be out very soon. I’ll be doing jackets,beanies and scarfs.

Q4 What are some of the ups and downs you have faced when it come to your clothing business??
I struggle to raise money to start up and run my business smoothly and at times it was a bit difficult to meet the demand.

Q5 Do you see yourself designing your own clothing in the future??
Yes that is definitely something that am currently working on.

Q6 What was the first piece of clothing you first designed??
It was my T-shirt that had all-star footprints and brush strokes and when I wore it, it actually caught a cat of people’s attention.

Q7 Why did you choose to use Abstract expressionism as your main style ??

Because I love abstract and that actually something that I find comfort in.

Q8 What is the biggest thing that you should focus on when starting a  custom clothing business??
You should polish up your style and know know and understand your customers or target market.


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