Interview with Artist Great Joy Ndlovu by Liam Horn

1. Having such diverse range of creatives styles, how would you describe your work?

I view my work as post contemporary expressionism though I have evolved so much towards the use of colour and anatomy .

2.What would you say your most memorable projects?
Working on my solo show last year “The Path to Greatjoy and a biography book “was also something I really felt proud of .The idea of building a body of work which received attention and recognition by art lovers and patrons .It gave me courage to work extra hard and fight for extra quality in every creation .
One of my memorable projects ,is working with the SOS children’s village for an art auction to raise funds .The thought process behind the event was incredible and also being part of a good cause was so eye opening which is something I really enjoyed participating.
Get to be interviewed by Top Billing about my series of work “Somewhere in South Africa” was one of my biggest highlights of my career . It was a great experience for me .
3.What makes these stand out for you ?
These memorable highlights they stand out because they drew serious traffic and crowds to my art career .Crowds of relevancy and benefit to my art .
4.Can you tell us more about your painting “conversations of a man” and the meaning and story behind the piece?
This depiction sets out its inspiration from the trajectory of the experiential encounters that black youths are simmered through during the course of their critical years of self realization. The pressures of the lots of life are splat a generous portion on the bowls of their minds, so many concerns have they, a generation bearing a record prevalence in anxiety disorders. Critical thought demands that in the midst of their perplexities they question their path, their beliefs and their identity in order to rescue their purpose and have life plug them in powered sockets. However in as much as the backgrounds and challenges met are different, as are the purposes in the first place, the will power that moves these personages is also not at a point of equivalence.
It’s meter records different hypes, a varied pacing across the different persons, a factor which determines how they strike their balance between what they seek to escape and that which is to be lept up towards.
Like the beasts of the Savanah, this need not only to survive but also to flourish in all aspects  becomes more of an art of chipping out what weighs down, embracing who we are and reinforcing our strengths together with all that which serves to cultivate our purpose.
This endows us with the satisfaction and the balance we all covet.
This work of portraiture depicts this rich story in the pods of abstract expressionism.
The rising figure in the work presents us with two dimensions to this story, that of one’s path and that of his identity along the path.
The first dimension, which is the path taken, comes with a dual story of resilience and decisions taken in one’s journey.
Resilience is seen to ultimately provide one with the prize craved in spite of the test of time and the losses incurred, while the decisions we make clear the path towards the prize. Both of these factors converge to chisel out the templates upon which the mold of a man’s legacy is determined, as well as the level and pace at which his success is achieved.
The ascension of the figure renders a tale of a fervent will kept afloat in long suffering, a journey well beyond the familiar phases, past the borders of the blue skies, the same which pose a limit to those of a weaker conviction in their purposing.
His arms are stretched out wide to take the pain, closing the eyes to focus his thoughts, concentrating them to a cause unseen by the light of the evidentially oriented human eye.
The masses beneath are a symbolism of the many who languish at the base of life all due to their weaker convictions when it comes to their purpose. Life turns these men into mere admirers of that which they haven’t become, adorers of those living out what they themselves have formerly wished and hoped for. The same, likewise, are also seen to be stretching forth their arms as to take the pain as well nevertheless their will power in sight of adversity is insufficient to withstand the odds at hand. In turn their aspirations don’t catch fire, these men droop and wax cold, falling flat into the mires of despair.
The second dimension takes an interesting twist to the narrative, it relays the nature of our identity along the course ways of life (our path). This identity is revealed in our values, beliefs, family, spirituality, self awareness and everything else that sums us up outside the shell of ambition.
Identity is a core factor to the man, it is the essence of inner balance which gives him more of a reason for living and a command to his life, helping one to manage their self conception and their impressions on others much healthfully.
Thus, for a generation caught up between the the cultures of traditionalism and modernism, it is therefore essential that the attributes accounted to as part of our identity are selectively preferred from amongst the prevailing cultures.
In this dimension the portrait is perceived in an entirely new light, the rising figure represents mental growth in the field of understanding self, the environment that surrounds us as well as the other fundamentals of life. The figure is seen to be taking off as from the stern cultural adherences in which the masses below abide, through selective preference of one ideology over another he develops psychological independence on this upward journey. He reaches a higher state of mind in which he identifies himself to a customized outlook on life rather than wholly subscribe to generic popular beliefs that maybe held unquestioned, along the way having to ground the power of sound reason.l at some moment in time.
These two dimensions project the mindset behind how the redefined Black Youthfulness motion contains and regulates that which life throws out at us. It celebrates the spoils of sheer resilience, power of good decision and the glories of a grand identity..
5.What can we expect from you in the future?
More international shows and impact to the youths
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