Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of getting learning about Drake from the most Hated crew, here’s more on what he had to say:

1.Having one of the most recognized tags around Jozi, How did you get your start in the Graffiti world?I wouldn’t say its the most recognizable tag but I started when I was around 13 seeing some of my homies from the skate park doing some tags on people’s boards I then instantly stopped skating and focused on graffiti.
2.Where are some of your favorite places you’ve tagged? Think my favorite spot ever would be a place called rehab which was supposed to be a club on a roof top.This was the first day I met most of the writers in Joburg which then were like celebrities to me and I painted up there as a 14 year old looking up to all theses 30 year old guys who were all getting wild on a rooftop painting burners and I was like damn what’s better then this…
3.Which characters or murals that you’ve done are most memorable to you? So far the most memorable mural I’ve painted would be the Rocomamas in Botswana only because it was my first time on a plane at the age of 21 so it was about time .I also enjoyed meeting the locals and got to go into the townships and paint some fun stuff while I was there.
4.How did you come together with your team “The Most Hated Crew”? We actually started by hating on each other as me and Beva were in MOB and Riot was in FSU and they started capping each other but by this time I was already friends with Riot so I was like the mediator between them and got everyone to see how similar they actually are …anyways they crushed the beef now we all like a family and our crew has grown stronger by the years .
5.How did you find back to the city this year? I enjoy back to the city every year it’s just unfortunate they (the government)put a pole over my whole pillar …
6.What does the future hold for Drake and the MHC? At the moment I’m still studying graphic design but not sure I’ll be a full time graphic designer ,I would love to just carry on painting for the rest of my life and every year the jobs (commissions) get bigger and bigger so no reason to slow down now ..In terms of MHC all I can say is we painting to have fun and we have all grown as artists through having fun so I wouldn’t change a thing if I could ….

We’d like to thank Drake for speaking with us and if you would like to see more of his work you can follow any of the links below:




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