Speaking with Holly Rey by Liam Horn

Jozi-Deep had the great privilege of interviewing  “The future of Afro-House” none other then Holly Rey about her up coming nominations as well as her future projects. After seeing her preform this past Joburg day we were blown away by her ability to command the audience and the passion from her performance was incredible.

1.How did you get your start in the music industry?
When I was 14, Jay Savage who was with Sony ATV Publishing at the time, came to one of my shows. I was doing an acoustic set at a social club in Durban and he was in Durban scouting for new artists. He offered me a publishing deal for songwriting and that was my formal introduction to the industry. 
2.What does it feel like being nominated for Record of the year at the up coming SAMA25 awards?
Surreal. Incredible to be nominated alongside so many Artists that I absolutely love and respect. Grateful. 
3.We saw an amazing performance by you this year at Joburg day,What would you say were some of your favorite performances threw out your career?
My most memorable performance would have to be performing with the Mahotella Queens at the Cape Town Jazz Festival. I shared the stage with HHP, Sipho Hotstixs Mabuso, Hugh Masakela and PJ Powers. I was just 16 years old so it was intimidating but the artists were all so incredibly generous. 
4.Can you tell us abit more about your creative process when it comes to creating songs like “Deeper”?
Every process is different. It depends on who I am working with at the time. My preference is to get a beat ahead of going to studio so I can play with melodies and hooks before recording anything. Sometimes you go to studio to listen to beats and then you end up jumping on something that you like there and then.
5.What does the future look like for Holly Rey music?
I am currently working on a body of music which continues to grow and evolve. I am working towards an EP and Album but when and how I will release it is not yet decided. There are a few collaborations pending.
We would like to thank Holly Rey for allowing us to get to know more behind the incredible artist she is, if you would like to see more from Holly Rey follow any of the social links below:

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