Talking about Jozi Gin Bar by Liam Horn

We had the great pleasure of getting to know more about Jozi’s local eatery and Gin experience The Jozi Gin Bar and everything that makes it such a memorable place.
1.When did the idea for Jozi Gin Bar come to life?
I have been a franchisee with one of SA best Steakhouse Groups for a decade and a half.
And our restaurants have been very popular and successful.
But after 15 years, I felt it was time to do something new, create something a little more personal and unique.
At the same time I met my business partner, Josef – a passionate hospitality veteran – and together we conceptualised Jozi Gin – Local Eatery. 
The perfect local – cosy, welcoming, with a lively bar and a superb restaurant with consistently good food.
2.Can you tell us abit more about the Soul filling menu?
At Jozi Gin, we pride ourselves in serving accessible popular fare prepared consistently and with passion.
We have embraced the popular sharing type menu – tapas style – and we offer something for every palate.
Our talented chefs have come with me a long way – some of which have been with me for 15 years.
We have perfected our meat ageing techniques and with our new state-of-the-art charcoal grill we can proudly say that we are one of Jozi’s premier steakhouses. 
Our Baby chickens , deboned Chicken thighs on a skewer , and our aged classic meat cuts cooked on a charcoal grill are the firm favourites!
3.Can you tell us a little more about the Gin Combinations on the menu and what you recommend?
The Gin craze is still strong across Mzansi and at Jozi Gin we are leading the way with our signature gin cocktails.
Our loyal guests are experimental and love for our mixologists to create some on-the-spur botanical concoctions for them.
Our clientele is predominately female – despite the old railway look interior –  ladies enjoy the cosy setting and sipping on a variety of gins , some infused with , cucumber , lemon, orange, hibiscus etc…
All the gins are then mixed with a variety of tonic selections of , Elderflower, Pink, Blue, Basil and a few more .
4.What does the future hold for Jozi Gin Bar any future events or functions coming up Jozi should know about?
Jozi Gin as a venue is unique on Rivonia Road, our location is ideal for business lunch, after-work drinks and leisurely family dinners or event. The access of Rivonia is smooth and there is ample secure parking.
We are looking to grow our lunch trade and currently we offer a great lunch special of R95 for a steak n’ chip in under 20 min – in and out. Perfect for a business lunch.
In the evening we are looking to roll-out some soothing live entertainment concept later in the year for late night and weekends.
We are encouraging businesses and private individuals  to use our  space and offering, for private  events and functions
5.How did the Jazz and Gin festival in march turn out?
The turn-out was great, we will definitely host the festival again – next time with even bigger attractions and bigger crowds.
The Wedge is ideal for events, due to its location, accessibility and with a scalable space.
To get in contact, follow or find out whats happening next at Jozi gin bar you can follow any of the links below:

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