Joseph had the opportunity of speaking with a young creative designer and trend setter right here from Jozi “Avoid Peace” here’s what they spoke about?

1. What inspired you to get into Fashion/Styling as a career??

  1. Well, I won’t say career, rather a path, to me fashion is like sliding back into the womb , for years I’ve been on a quest to figure/understand the unknown, like “who am I? What am I? Am i forever?”, thats what keeps me going , see existential crisis had always been my closest friend, “7/10 I’m always alone”, but that’s what the world thinks, like in everyone there’s a blur eye behind judgment and that eye is that kid that survived , so if you use that eye, you’ll realize that I’m actually naked, and the clothes which you are seeing, are actually a friend of mine, a spouse and a parent.                                                                                                                                          2. How would you explain your work to people??
  2. It’s more like filling my void, hence i work on a piece that’s already been hanged, my customizations are very close to me, it’s like me trying to fill the lonely voices in my mind, my insecurities and the death I see and feel upon the world.                          3. How has your life shaped your style??
  3. My life is my style, so the day I rest my style, know that the suicidal voice has finally won, literally you can’t differentiate between my life and style because both represents a very huge part of my existence.                                                                        4. Are you working on any projects currently??
  4. Not really, I’m just here and there, trying to figure what can work.                                  5. What was the biggest motivation that pushed you to do custom clothing??
  5. The world and its potholes, like nothing is ever complete in this world, something is always missing, so through my customs, I’m trying to fill in the missing matters.          6. What are some of the challenges you have faced whilst trying to pursuit your craft??
  6. Besides always not feeling good about my craft once it’s out, there are no other challenges, like once I finish a piece, I feel like I should’ve done more to it, like i said “something is always missing “.                                                                                              7. What are some of the hobbies you do when your not doing all your Styling??

I do a lot of writing, obsessed with my dads guitar, play chess and trying to figure out the universe.                                                                                                                                                                            Follow Avoid Peace by clicking the link below:


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