1. What made you pick the name Toilet Energy??   Fertile ground breeds the most delicious fruit. It’s an analogy for what artists do, they take what life throws at them, digest it, and eventually take it out of them; what virtue is…

So the name is inspired by all things that absorb, analyse, and later relay in a unique manner; just like fingerprints, two unique genes combining to make a unique one; just like excrement, a combination of all kinds of delicacies that later come out as unique as the animal that shat it…and that is Toilet  Energy

2. How was the collective formed??
 The collective was formed through an in-house producer called Toiletpaperdave. He was just making beats and making duets with artists, eventually  all four members came together around later 2017 to start working as one collective.
3. How many people are in your collective/What are there names ? Alright it’s Toiletpaperdave, safe energy, I-on-stylus and Sattvic.
4. Any plans to incorporate more languages into your music??  We actually have many diverse and unified content on our music. Language like Zulu, Tsonga, tsotsi-taal, street -taal are used. We planning on growing the language tree nonetheless.
5. Most memorable time together as ToiletEnergy??
 Haha! That was recently, we just woken up Sunday morning to get news that Rubricate Records based in Eastern cape coastal is keen on signing Toilet energies Music. That was really epic! Still is.
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