This week Jozi-Deep spoke with a photographer with a unique and visually captivating views of our city:

1.As a photographer what would you say are the best spots to see are when in Jozi?

As a creative, I am more into artsy places since that’s where I meet and connect with other creatives. It’s easy to share ideas and passion in those places because of the similar flow of energy and the vibe in the atmosphere. Another big influence of where I hangout is how photogenic the place is. Here are some my favourite spots in Joburg: Maboneng, 7th street (Melville), Newtown (Mad giant) and Braamfontein.

2.Do you explore any other artistic paths besides photography?

Yes, I am a very creative person. I also write a lot but my first passion when it comes to creativity is music. I was born with an undying passion for house music. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with this genre. I am also obsessed with music and sound as a whole. So, yes! Music is my first passion and I’ve been producing and Deejaying since the high school days. I have also released original productions on various labels across the globe.

3.Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

I love unique and conceptual, you probably have noticed this from my pictures. I like to believe I’m walking a different path so I always try to look for something new when exploring and creating. The photographers I take influence from primarily share this vision, I can see it in their work; something unique, something new and unseen – that speaks to me alot. Influential photographers that come to mind in a split second? Alen Palander, Peter Mckinnon, Alexander (a_l_x_ender), Joel Grimes etc.,

4.What about our city makes you love photography?

The city has stories to tell, it has some old architecture which are a pleasure to shoot because of the rich details, fairly modern buildings which show a bit of progression throughout the years. It also has iconic buildings like the Hilbrow tower, Vodacom tower, Carlton centre etc., Jozi is also a feared city because of the crime and everything but that means there is a lot to be discovered and that’s awesome.

It is also booming with fellow photographers who are willing to brave this fairly unsafe city with their expensive tools to create stories, show the world the other side of jozi and help show the beauty within the beast.

5.With such powerful photographs, what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

My story in short would be; This is what’s out there; What you think you know isn’t necessarily what out there. I try to encourage people to go out and explore, challenge what they’ve been told and encourage them to find out themselves. I do this by showing different sides of things, for example Joburg is known as a old dilapidating city, so we try to show its best and most beautiful sides. At the end of the day; photography to me is just an opportunity to lose myself, create something most  beautiful to my eyes.

Take a look at the link below to view Francis website to see more of his unique photos captured in Jozi:

Francis’s website


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