Guess who just landed in Jozi fokes none other then truly artistically gifted painter, creator and founder of @WeDoGraffiti Mister Bzar himself, On his way here he let us know a little more about his artistic journey and whats to come in the future.
1.When and How did you get your start in the Graffiti industry?
In 2006, at age 16 I left high school and moved to False Bay College, in Muizenberg, where I was introduced to the Cape Town graffiti culture. Internet was still dial-up back then and Facebook had only just launched, so it’s not like we had much international influence.
I attended the college to pursue studies in the creative arts field, so the induction into graffiti was quite natural. I had always scribbled my name on high school desks, but had no previous knowledge of graffiti styles or letterforms.
2,What are some of your favorite spots to tag?
I’d have to say there’s nothing better than bombing trains, whether it be marker tags inside the carriages or painting actual panels. It’s a direct link to the public’s eyes, a moving billboard if you must. People will see your shit whether they like it or not.
Second to trains would be highways spots, where hundreds of thousands of people pass by daily.
3.Which pieces that you were commissioned to complete are most memorable to you and why?
My favourite commissions have definitely been music festivals. Painting live with a passing audience and interacting with a large variety of people brings another element to creating the artwork. Everyone sees things differently through their own eyes, and they also get to see the whole process from start to finish. I find this is also a massive eye opener for the viewer.
There’s generally also just an awesome vibe at festivals, a massive contrast to painting a boring empty office space on the weekend. I’m currently lining up a couple festivals for the upcoming summer season.
4.Can you tell us abit more about “We do Graffiti”? Whose all involved as well as some of the collective work you’ve done?
In 2014, myself and Wer (Reks) established Aerosolution, a sort of graffiti agency to act as a portal to attract and facilitate commercial graffiti work.
About 2.5 years later we dissolved the company, and I then established We Do Graffiti. We are primarily based in Cape Town, but facilitate jobs throughout South Africa, I’m actually currently writing this on a plane to Jozi haha.
5.What does the future hold for “We do Graffiti”?
We are always looking at new ways to evolve and grow the company. As one of the top go-to mural companies in South Africa, we find it vital to invest in and focus on the business aspect of graffiti.
We are pleased to have worked with some of the biggest brands in SA as well as a few international ones. And strive to continue to grow a strong client base with our professional service offering. Sounds pretty corporate I know.. #SellOut
6.Are the any up coming projects Jozi should be watching out for from you?
So as I said, I’m currently on a plane to Jozi, I’m here for a week, partnering up with Corona on a new space they’re creating in Centurion. It’s for a local spot called R55 Lounge or something like that, some of you may know it.
Other than that, you will just have to keep an eye out on my instagram page @Mr.Bzar for all my upcoming projects!
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