The art of dance can explore a thousand words or better yet, creating a story for the audience to feel, believe and be apart of something.
Dance is an industry that creates a beautiful opportunity for anyone that wishes to express themselves in a courageous, creative and free way.
My name is Nicoletta Gregoriou also known as NikyG, I have been dancing since the age of 3. Ballet taught me discipline, poise, structure, strength and being active. It was indeed a fantastic way to keep fit. After I’ve accomplished my advanced 2 in the Royal Academy of Dance in South Africa and London I then decided to explore other forms of dance such a Latin American, ballroom, modern/contemporary, hip hop, freestyle and pole dancing.
I’ve achieved many qualifications and certificates in modern/contemporary and hip hop. I audition for dancing roles across South Africa and abroad.
Johannesburg has given me the opportunity to be on stage and to live my dream as a professional dancer and for that I am most thankful.
I still dance every day I go to June Melville ballet school classes and go to Vertical Vixen in Edenvale for pole dancing. I would love for everyone to be apart of the art of dance and if dancing is your passion you must indeed pursue it, Jozi will give you that opportunity.
The benefits of dancing include muscle tone, stronger bones, better coordination, flexibility, improved balance, spiritual awareness, physical confidence, improved mental functioning, improved general and physical well-being.
The art of dance can reflect who you are as a person. The beauty about dance is that it’s fun to project your emotion through movement and it creates an incredible function of different worlds and characters.
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