Speaking with local Miles S Dj/Producer by Liam Horn

This week here at Jozi-Deep we had the privilege of speaking with and finding out a little bit more about local Dj/Producer whose served his ten year in and around the industry having studied at academy of sound engineering he’s managed to tune and define his skill set playing mainly House & Hip Hop here’s what Dj Miles S had to say:

1.When did you first realize you had a love for music and when did you decide to take up creating & playing?

I have always had a love for music, but I didn’t realize until after Matric that I wanted to further that love. I used to make edits and attempt mixes throughout school, but never actually DJ’d until after school in 2010.

2.Who would you say first locally and then internationally were your biggest influences?

Locally my biggest influence was and still is Byron Essential Groove, simply because of his drive, his humble nature and his ability to master so many genres. Internationally I look up to producers more than DJ’s. The one I aspire to the most is Nora En Pure, because her music speaks to me on a level that I can’t describe. She is a incredibly talented producer, and i’d hope to one day make tracks that make people feel the same way.

3.How would you say Jozi has defined a part of your style as a musician?

As DJ’s we are forced to adapt to what people want sometimes, and Jozi has a music culture that is very diverse. We may not be making music catered towards local people, but there will always be hints of Jozi in our work.

4.Tell us a bit about some of the highlights of your career so far?

So i’ve been lucky enough to play at majority of the nightclubs that were around since 2010 in Jozi, and also lucky to play on the same lineups as quite a few famous artists and internationals. I have had mixes on local radio numerous times, these being 5fm with Kyle Cassim, DJ Fresh and Ryan the DJ, and 94.7 with Mac G. I have an international release on the label Alltum with my song with Kyla Smit called Drown in You.

5.What does the future hold for Miles S and where can we find you playing in the near future?

My goal is to release more music internationally, and play bigger and better gigs locally. I am currently resident at Stones Bedfordview, and Hookah Lounge in Boksburg so people can catch me there on my off weekends. I have new mixes for radio that will be aired at some stage, and I am continuing to grow my brand every day.

Thank you to Miles S for speaking with us and if you’d like to see more from him follow any of the links below:

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