Speaking with Contemporary Artist Linda Chandia by Liam Horn

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with and learning more about the extremely talented and visually gifted contemporary artist Linda Chandia, She spoke to us abit about her start in the industry what inspires her to create as well as her influences coming into the industry.

1.As a visual artist how would you describe your sense of style to someone whose seeing your work for the first time?

My work is fusion of African Culture and Modern touch, in short this is what you may call contemporary art. I use paper on material called Hessian which I use as my surface.

2.Where do you find inspiration for your work and what inspired you to start creating?

I draw inspiration from my immediate surroundings social issues, nature, people’s emotions and spirituality. From a young age have always been fascinated being around people making beautiful things. In addition to this I come from a family where there also other members who are also artist.

3.Who would you say are some of your biggest influences with in your career?

My late uncle Flinto Mumbi Chandia, he was well known sculptor and musician and my late mother.

4.What was your process when beginning a piece like “The Shepherds” ?

Coming a from family where spiritual values are at the center of our everyday activity, I picked

“The Shepherds“ to remind us time and again, we need a voice somewhere amongst us to remind us on

Differentiating the truth from the lies, in other words staying awake at all times.

5.What can we expect from you in the future?

More Monumental interesting pieces to come as long I’m breathing I’m alive. Keep checking new pieces on my instagram link page below.

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