Speaking with Artist / Painter / Illustrator HARI LUALHATI By Liam Horn

Jozi-Deep had the pleasure of speaking with South African local Miss Hari Lualhati a fine artist doing amazing things with in our country. We spoke about her passions, Influences and whats to come in the future.

1.When did you first realise you had a passion for the fine art industry?

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in Art.  I remember, whenever we (my family) were at the Mall, instead of asking my parents to buy me toys, I would ask them to buy me colouring books and colouring materials. Then one time, I asked my dad to buy me the art material that artists used for colouring the cartoons on TV because I’m so amazed by their even colours, shard edges; My dad then bought me an oil pastel and that made me super happy. I’m grateful to my parents for supporting my love to drawing/painting at a very young age .

My strongest childhood memory would be all those times when I’ve competed for “on the spot poster/painting contest”. I remember there are even events when I would represent my school and most of the time I would receive an award. It has developed my interest to art.

2.How would you describe your sense of style with such unique creations?

I love creating figurative artworks. The form of the human body, specifically the naked body, has always fascinated me. I find it elegant, classic and very relatable.  There is also a feeling of “sincerity” that I love seeing on a naked form. These qualities inspire me to use nude figure as my subject matter to deliver the theme, which is LOVE. I can say that all my artworks revolve around love as the main theme.  Love has influenced my life in so many ways that’s why I have the eagerness to capture that feeling through my artworks. I also try to incorporate animals and nature to my artworks to show that we are all connected. I prefer to paint my subject in a recognizable way so everyone can easily relate to the artworks but I also make sure I add expressive brush strokes to add to the statement that the art piece is trying to convey.

3.Who are some your biggest influences locally as well as internationally?

There are so many talented artists and amazing artworks that cross my path that somehow inspire or influence me but one stands out for me, and that is God; my favourite artist.  I am a believer of God and for me, God created the best artworks including all the beautiful sceneries, the expressive sky and all the unique creatures. More than the physical beauty of His creations, the compassion, mercy and love that transcends through  everything He created have been the source of inspiration for my artworks.

4.What would you mark as your favourite piece and what makes it so special?

Each of my artworks has a special connection with me. They are like my babies. I have always learned something new in the process of making them and each reflects a part of me.

5.What are some of the most memorable commissions you’ve done and why were these projects different from others?

At this point, I don’t  accept commissions because I would like to focus on my own concepts that I would love to manifest through my paintings. I would really prefer if people would buy an existing artwork that I’ve created not only because the quality is good, it’s aesthetically pleasing but also because they appreciate the well-thought-out concept of the artist that has been applied on the artwork. But I remember when I was in high school, I was asked by to paint a mural on the second floor of the school building. For me that is a memorable task because up to now it is still being displayed in that school. The fact that the mural I created is being taken care of and still being appreciated by teachers, new students and visitors of the school makes that project memorable to me.

6.What can we expect from you in the future? Any new or big projects you’ve been working on?

I am happy to announce that my first and second series of artworks are all SOLD OUT. Right now, I’m currently working on the third series that I’m planning to release to the public before this year ends. I’m also hoping that I can exhibit them this year 2019. Please follow me on my social media accounts or you can also subscribe to my newsletter to be always updated on my upcoming exhibitions.

7.What would you say was the moment that defined your career as an artist?

I’m truly grateful and I really treasure those moments whenever my artworks are being purchased. For someone to have a special connection to my artwork that will make him spend his money for it and chose to spend his life waking up seeing my artwork hanging on his wall is the greatest validation that I’m living my purpose in life… and that is to share my love/ “talent” to other people. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than to make a connection to other people through my artworks and that fuels my passion towards creating more art pieces.

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