Speaking with ASH HOLMES PHOTOGRAPHY by Liam Horn

A little while ago we had the privilege of speaking with yet another amazing creative from JOZI Photographer and Creator Miss Ashleigh Holmes,

We spoke a bit about her passion and drive with in the industry, a few of her influences and some details on what it takes to create in our City.

1.When did you first find a passion for the art of photography?

I remember earlier instances when I was interested in photography, but it was only around 16 years old when I started getting into it. We had one of those old school digital cameras, that was never really being used. So, I picked it up and started snapping some pictures of family, friends and our little trips and then the passion started as I just really began to love being able to savor a moment in time through photography. It also prompted me to start looking at things in a different, more creative way to try and capture the essence of a place or person and make it art.


2.Coming up in Jozi who has been your biggest local and international influences & why?

My influence is guided by many varying artists from all corners of the world and all walks of life. So, there are no specific influences that I can point out, because I rely a lot on what is out there on social media and photographer communities to be inspired and to see what others are doing or how. This is more due to the fact that a single image may speak directly to the sort of style that I am always trying to achieve, or it inspires me to want to push more and do better and keep growing. Therefore, instead of focusing on a few specific photographers, I am more focused on the content that is out there and saving these collections of images as reference points or inspiration.


3.Are there any tricks you know now that you wish you knew when you started your journey into photography?

All the little tricks I know now come from speaking to other photographers as well as just generally practicing, so I would first suggest putting yourself out there. My first proper shoot I did was with a family, which was a bit crazy, thinking of it now, as there are a lot of things to think about and a lot that could have gone wrong. Though, diving in like that meant that I just had to remain calm and needed to use it as a learning experience… It needed to happen eventually, and I had to move past the fear and doubt. You also need the practice in order to get comfortable with the settings and how to use your camera… get off of automatic mode and start using your manual mode. When you see the finished results, look at them against other images you love. This comparison is just a way to see where you can improve or what you like about your own photo style. If we are working in a location, I take one or two test shots to see how it is framed, if my settings are right and if its working as an image I would love. If not, I direct until it works to a suitable aesthetic and just always look for soft lighting in areas.



  1. Could you explain a bit about your vision/artistic process before starting a shoot?

I try to always aim to get clear and clean shots, where you can see details and someone’s face or expression, the colors and the textures. I really love the artsy and edgy photographs that I see from fellow photographers and sometimes wish I had that edge with my photography; though for me it’s about having the person I am shooting with, feel comfortable while I try to bring out aspects of their personality through their shoot. It’s also a personal process as I want to portray them as best as I can, in the way that I see them and just hope that they like what I see.


5.What kinda gear do you recommend for aspiring photographers?

Start small when starting out. The camera is usually the most expensive item you will carry, but you don’t need big fancy equipment to take stunning photos. When you work with the basics, it will push you more to always think about the right lighting, to figure out which settings work in which situations and how to make the best of the location you’re working in. Get your basics, like a good camera bag, a good 50mm lens if you’re interested in portraits and then its all up to you to get creative.



6.Where do you see your work in the next 5 years?

The goal now is to hopefully own my own studio one day. I have set out a basic objective’s plan and the things that I need to achieve within certain time frames which keeps me on track and keeps me pushing forward. It’s a long road but I am determined to hopefully have my work known enough and out there to create such a space.


7.What about photography caught your eye?

Photography is so beautiful, it can create a story, make a statement, keep memories, create art and set a mood. You can use it for business portfolios, social media content, marketing, blogging, stock images, in events, in your home… and more; The creative possibilities in photography are endless, it’s just a matter of exploring and I think that’s so freeing.

To see more from Ash J Holmes Photography or book your next Shoot follow the links below to get in touch:

Website www.ashholmesphotography.com

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashj_holmes/


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